Thursday, March 27, 2008


I have absolutely NO plans for this day... none whatsoever!

How boring can a girl's life get????

I can't wait to move, so then I will (hopefully) have a whole new house and yard to tittivate! I am so looking forward to that! And in our new suburb in Auckland there is The South Auckland Hospice and Hospice Shop, so of course I will be volunteering there too.

I just have to be patient..... *drumming fingers on table* ... not something I am reknown for I'm afraid! When I want something I want it YESTERDAY people!

I am going to get the kids to school, then try and find something interesting to photograph.... hmmmmmm....we need photos eh?
And I really do need a Nana Nap today.... woke up at 3am to take Griffin for a piddle and that was it! No more sleep for me, so now I feel like a wrung out dishrag....

Well it's as I thought, I have spent the morning day dreaming about the house I have fallen in love with! Below are the views from the Master Bedroom:

This house is so much smaller than where we are now too, I have been trying to mentally place our furntiure in it... I think we are going to have to sell a lot of stuff! And get a sleep-out put on the property as a gym/storeage room ! That is, IF WE GET IT! I am getting ahead of myself again darn it!

Anyway, enough dreaming, I'm off to tidy the yard a bit more.

I decided to drag the toddler PlayGym out from behind the garden shed and give it a clean...

Two hours later, it's nice and clean and in the yard... makes the back yard look more "kid friendly" I reckon.

End of Day: I'ts been quite nice actually, I enjoyed doing something constructive, even if it was more bloody cleaning!

NSV: I was very tempted by some chocolate in the pantry, but I resisited, I did! nite nite.


  1. I don't know if I've ever felt like wrung out dishrag before... I'm curious now.

  2. I know its hard... But you have no choice but to be patient at the moment... Bummer about the sleep too...
    Hey you could come over here and do some housework for me... and try out some of those recipes in the gluten free cookbook you bought me... I have bought the ingredients to make one of the recipes... just need the time to do it... thinking this weekend.. watch out for photos.. ;o)

  3. Patience is a virtue so they so......I too missed out on that one LOL
    See you tomorrow chickee.......:)

  4. Thanks Hun ... not bad for a fat bitch hey?? *giggle*

  5. Your time will come!

  6. Well done on resisting the choccie....
    Love the toddler playgym... I want an adult version...

  7. OOoooh, I saw palm trees in those piccies! Looks like a lovely view!

    I'm impatient too...Hang in there babe!

  8. Wow thats quite a view. So beautiful and lush, green with envy here. Hope things get moving along on the sale of your house.

    Good for you holding out on that chocolate. Keep it up!

  9. Oh, I like the little toddler playground. It *does* look more friendly.

  10. Wow, I would be daydreaming about that view as well!

    And a real nice job of cleaning the kids play equipment. My idea of cleaning is spraying the garden hose on it.


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