Monday, March 03, 2008


- Take Stew to Airport
- Drop kids at school
- Tidy house (yeah right!)
- KILL TIME.....

Oh man I hope we hear from the Real Estate Agent with GOOD news today! I am on tenderhooks... what the hell can I do to make the time pass? It has to be something I can do while holding the bloody phone! LOL !

Shopping? Go for a big walk? OOOO I know, I'll go get some more painting stuff... and start another picture... I think the next 'word' will be "WISHING", that seems appropriate.

Also today, I will HAVE TO GET A SLEEP... I got NO sleep last night... my mind was just going around and around.... drove me nuts.

N....O....T....H....I....N....G HAPPENING...... Mike just came around and picked up his mail... new skates from America... ooo they do look neat! They are inline skates... I want some quad skates .... might just look into getting me some from overseas too. You can't buy quads here, bugger it! If I get some, it will be great exercise eh? Must go look....on the net.

Here he is..... I think we will be seeing more of his arse than anything else, what with the jeans falling off his bum and him falling off his skates!!! Haaaa haa ha.
6.45 pm and there is no news... I'm starting to think these people are playing games and trying to wear us down before even making an offer... BASTARDS! I could be wrong, but I don't think so.
So, I will try to get a good night's sleep and not stress ... if it's to be it will happen.
End of Day: it's been long, it's been boring, it's just been shit really! No appetite, so this is a :
NSV (Non Scale Victory) for sure. nite nite.


  1. Go to the gym Girl.. burn some calories... I dont know.. come and finish my ironing.. hahaha
    Have a top day chickee.....

  2. heyyy...

    We could be neighbours. Sorta. (I'd be in the poor area, though...)

    Where are you moving really?? :]

  3. This must be so hard just waiting!

    Good luck, here's hoping you get the news you are after!

  4. Ummm brain frantically thinking here of things you can do ... ummm ... nope ... can't think of anything, sorry brain asleep today!

    Hope it's a good one anyway and you don't get too bored! :)

  5. Good luck with the house matey. I do hope that it will sell soon. I can only imagine that it would be driving you nuts!!

    Have a good day, and fingers crossed for a good phone call!!

  6. Shit I hope you hear some good news soon!! Fingers crossed for you ... again!! lol

  7. Everything crossed for you honey.

  8. Maybe tomorrow, fingers crossed for some good news sooooooon!!!

    mmmm quad skates....I need something like that too, I have trouble balancing...otherwise I'll be like the boy, spending all me time getting up off me arse!!

  9. Sorry you havent heard anything.
    Loved the pics of Mike!

  10. Awwe hun, it's the waiting that is the killer.

    It will happen when it's meant to.

    Hugs x

  11. You guest room loves very inviting. You must be over the moon to have you house to yourself and tidied up. Do hope you hear from the real estate agent with some good news!!!!! I'm anxious for you too. Keeping my fingers crossed. Take care.


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