Monday, March 31, 2008


You have heard it all before eh? But, at least I continue to try, and try again to get back on track ....

-Take Stew back to Airport
- Kids to School
- Sort out kids books, get rid of more kitchenware ( you know, the stuff you only use once in 5 years! )... that should give me something to do.

Right, Stew is safely delivered to the airport.. I was grumpy too cos I can just see this dragging on and on and on.... and I hate being on my own. Anyway.... am off to make beds, lunches, all the usual shit.

Did you know menopause can CAUSE grumpiness? Well, that just makes my day, I'm jumping up and down with GLEE.

Well, ya just gotta laugh eh?

I was just sitting here looking at the screensaver/background picture on my laptop... it's of my new skates... and it suddenly hit me... when they arrive and I put them on I will be about 3 inches taller... Does this mean my goal weight should be HIGHER too? NO? Oh well, it was a nice thought. I will be able to reach the higher shelves in the pantry though... I plan on skating around the house you see! Hopefully they will be here soon.

Now, what was I doing... oh yes, defrosting the big freezer.... how NEAT.

End of Day: I have done well... got all my wee jobs done, kept on track..... just got the evening to get through now.... I've booked a movie on Sky to watch.... hope it's worth it.

NSV: just feeling positive about having my eating under control is great. nite nite


  1. Good girl - Track! Its amazing how good it feels to be on the downward side of weight rather than gaining.

    If I can it it anyone can, heck is 7.40am and I've already had an hour long walk.

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  3. Lynda is right... you will be feeling so much better if you can get in control of your weight again.. remember how you felt when you were losing.. and going to gym and exercising all the time... You were a power house!!! You CAN do it again girl...
    dont let yourself go any further up or you will totally lose the plot!!!

  4. Tracking helped me lose 18kg some years back. Although I wish I had some of your resolve at the moment! xxxx

  5. I am getting back on the wagon tomorrow! Three weeks of constant eating have taken their toll!

  6. Anonymous5:13 PM

    I hope the tracking is going well. I often miss tracking (yes i am an odd one) because i'm a control freak and i love numbers and charts.

    Thank you for the words of support, they mean so much to me.

    (((big hugs)))

  7. Good going on the tracking the points. I'm afraid I can't seem to bring myself to count points anymore but I'm still staying healthy and hope I can keep it going. We can both do this! I know how much better I'll feel when I get some weight off and you will too.

  8. Sorry, I haven't called in for a while. I was convinced that this time your house would definitely be sold. I am disappointed - so sorry it hasn't moved as yet. I can feel your frustration through the monitor.

    Menopause and hot flushes, are horrible. I went into early menopause and went onto HRT. After two years, I decided to do it 'naturally' and went and saw a quack in Noosa who told me I could use this cream, feel wonderful, not hot flushes, no need for anti depressants, no sleep problems, no hot flushes.... I persevered for about six months and felt dreadful. My hot flushes were back with a vengeance. I couldn't sleep, I was so miserable. I went back on my anti depressants, and gladly went back to using oral HRT. I feel like a new woman, and hadn't actually realized how badly I felt because the decline was gradual. A blood test showed that I had nothing in my system at all to show that the cream was working. I was heart broken, at having spent so much money and virtually having wasted six months of my life in misery. Doing it natural sounded so heroic, but it wasn't at all. Plus the repercussions of leaving a woman's body without oestrogen for many years can be now I am an advocate of oral HRT. No prizes for being a martyr I discovered.

    Hope you can find a solution soon.

    Your new resolve sounds determined. Tracking is definitely the key. I have returned to WW tracking for the last 5 weeks and am doing great. I hope you go well....

    Sorry for the prattle. Hope you have had a good day.

  9. Congrads on the controlled eating!
    What movie did you watch? Any good?

  10. You should be really proud of your self having your eating under control with all the stress of trying to sell. :)

  11. Well done on tracking day at a time , sending my step forward vibes over to you :)....hope Earth Hour helped lol re to jumping bones lol.....We turned all our lights out too but went to bed alone :(....can really emphasise what you mean when you say you hate not being with Stew...I hate not being with Brett...Will someone please buy this house ..have a great week

  12. I give you a lot of credit! I've been trying to get back on track for the last 10 years. LOL!

  13. Looks like you managed to have a fun weekend. DH and I sat in the dark to observe Earth night too. Here's some for you. ....I think you can

    The Man Who Thinks He Can!
    If you think you are beaten, you are;
    If you think you dare not, you don't!
    If you'd like to win, but think you can't,
    It's almost a cinch that you wont.

    If you think you'll lose, you're lost
    For out in the world we find
    Success begins with a fellow's will;
    It's all in the state of mind!

    If you think you're outclassed, you are;
    You've got to think high to rise.
    You've got to be sure of yourself
    before you can win the prize.

    Life's battles don't always go
    To the strongest or fastest man;
    But sooner or later the man who wins
    Is the man who thinks he can!

    Author ~ Walter D. Wintle

  14. Come and sort out my house please~

    It would be much appreciated. You seem to be always on such a productive mission. I need to feel productive.

  15. Oh yes, the dreaded basics of tracking does marvels to keep us focussed, only problem is it gets so tedious after a while.

    Lol @ skates meaning your goal weight is higher, could well work if you wanted to wear them 24/7 - could be interesting getting up and down the stairs all the time though!!!


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