Sunday, March 23, 2008


Well, it's after 8 am and we are just all waking up.... a good night's sleep was had by all of us. I doubt Kelly got much sleep, but hey, she has to get used to it now eh?

Today we have several houses lined up to look at.... at least by looking around now we can eliminate a lot that won't be suitable for us. I am sure it won't be long now before we can really make an offer on something....

It is a really beautiful day out there too, so no doubt we will take the kids to the beach for a swim too....

We have had another FANTASTIC day! Visited Stew's Dad and his wife... had a lovely lunch and then looked at about 8 houses , of which we found 3 that were definite possibilities! In no particular LOVE IT ! order, here they are:

I am amazed that there were 3 that I loved, each one is totally different in character, but they all have a decent amount of section... enough room for a pool even, not that we will be able to afford a pool right away!

After looking at the houses all afternoon we went to Kohimarama for the kids to have a swim again... they are loving the beach.

Nothing else planned for the evening ... I MUST put my feet up, my legs and feet are so so swollen... I didn't bring my piddle pills and am paying for it BIG TIME. Shit happens.

End of Day: has been neat.

NSV: still had NO CHOCOLATE! Too cool. nite nite.


  1. wow what an exciting few days you've had!! Congratulations on being a nana again!! wahooo!! And she is just a little cutie!!

    And all three of those houses look stunning! Glad to hear things are looking up for you! Bout time :)

  2. I like that second one.. in the middle...

    fun fun fun!

  3. Your busy!!
    All the houses look great!

  4. Hi Chris,
    Sounds like you have had a great weekend away.
    The houses look great, the second one reminds has a lovely look to it as your pic really shows the outside beautifully. The others are a little harder to imagine what they are like.
    I will have to conjour up a bunch of even stronger vibes about getting your place sold so you can get moving to the next phase in your life.

  5. I love the look of the middle one too....
    Well done for avoiding the chocolate over easter... I cant say the same thing.. but I have done fairly well food wise... well for me anyways!!!

  6. I am torn between houses #2 & #3, but either one would be impressive to have.

    To me finding that perfect house is very exciting.

  7. Those are all good lookin homes!!!!


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