Wednesday, March 19, 2008


I went to bed an hour earlier than 'normal' last night, well hell I WAS tired! And...... taaa daaa..... SLEPT like a log! I had to get up once to take Griffin for a piddle, but that was all. I feel WONDERFUL....

Today: get the kids to school then get the house TIP TOP tidy as I've got an Editor from the Local Paper coming to do an Editorial and to take pictures of our home.... MORE advertising to try and get this bloody house sold. I'm not sure when it will be in the paper, but I think at the end of the month?

I tell ya, we are doing EVERYTHING we can to get this darn house SOLD! What more can we do????

Anyway, enough for now, I have to go make the kids breakfast, lunches, make the beds.... bla bla bla.

So, who's a lucky tart then? ME! ME!.... I may not have my darling Stew bringing me a latte in bed every morning anymore, but I do have my dearest friend Chris D delivering me one !!! How neat.... such a nice girl is Chris D !

And she is so busy with her job and a very ill hubby too.... I don't know how she does it all. I am going to miss her so much once we move.

The newspaper lady has been and gone, taken heaps of photos (AGAIN)... looking forward to seeing it in the paper in two weekends time... we are getting a full page feature (maybe a page and a half) ! I hate to think what THAT is costing!
I AM IN SHOCK.... we just got this month's power/gas bill.... LOOK what happens when you don't have teenagers living in your house anymore!
Our bill went from $287 a month (that's with prompt payment discount) to $84.89 ! Of course we pay more over winter, this is a summer account... but still.... a HUGE DIFFERENCE ! I think we will be able to afford to live in Auckland afterall, LOL. No more 45 minute showers taken by teenagers and their bloody girlfriends! Sure makes a difference. Stew will be pleased.

End of Day: I'm tired again.... Griffin is coughing fit to kill, probably means I am not gunna get much sleep... bugger it.
NSV: Hmmmmm... I havn't been very bad at all.... unless you count the yogurt and cocoa pops I had for pudding? nite nite.


  1. Glad you're well rested.
    good luck on the cleaning!!!! so stressful when your house is on the market!!!

  2. Did you take another look at Contours? Good that you got a good night's sleep!

    If I don't catch up before you go have a great Easter break in Auckland!

  3. Glad you had a good nights sleep.. I am sure you are feeling much better for it.. I am sure the kids will thank you too..hahahaha

  4. Anonymous12:02 PM

    ahhh i can't wait to move.. not! hehe

    well i will enjoy the seeing new friends thing, but the boxes.. aaaahh


  5. Anonymous2:13 PM

    It's just me checking in! I like your "house"! I'll be back!


  6. It's amazing what a good nites sleep does huh?

    That's amazing about the power bill!! Ohh noo so that's what I've got to look forward too huh now that my kids are pre teens. Great!! lol

  7. Great idea. If/when I run out of money to pay the bills, I'll just kick the kids out to save money.

  8. We had the same happen the youngest went away for a month and the power bill went from $280 to $135 that just blew me away (and more money for shopping hee hee).

  9. Anonymous6:27 PM

    WOW thats an impressive drop in the bill

  10. That bill is incredible!!
    Glad you got some sleep. And how lovely of your friend to bring you coffee!

  11. I'm paying 240 bucks a month on gas and electric. It sucks, big time!

    Good luck with getting your house sold.

  12. Oh, I'm glad it worked!!!

  13. Well that's nice to hear, at last. How lucky for you to have a friend to bring you latte. Wow that's quite a drop in your bill. I thought it was only my kids who took 45 minute showers. They are normal afterall! Hope the little guy didn't keep you awake all night with his cough. Till tomorrow.


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