Saturday, March 08, 2008


Stew and I have decided our next tattoo for BOTH of us is going to be a snapper (fish)... his on his chest, mine on my lower leg... so... been looking at bloody fish pictures on the net, in books etc for ages... but cannot find just the right picture.

We want it to be more like a 'cartoon' picture of a snapper.... HELP!!!!! Does anyone out there know how to draw a bloody snapper in 'cartoon style' ??????

That (above) is a snapper.... but on us we want him 'swimming' upwards.... and curving to the right. So, if you know anyone who can draw or you can yourself.... I await your input! PRETTY PLEASE. I have been trying to do it myself, but I suck, I just can't get it right.

Today: staying home in the morning to do the housework, and hopefully Steve will come around and mow the lawns for me ... and put out the rubbish... eeeewwww I hate doing the bloody rubbish! That's what boys/men are for eh?

Then I shall take my littlies out for lunch ... they have been such good kids, I love them to bits.

I thought this house was spotless! Well I just spent 2.5 hours tidying the kids wardrobes and the garage! De-cluttering again... I am amazed at how much more crap I have managed to throw out!
I'm expecting my friend Chris in a minute, she rang and asked me if I felt like a Latte and muffin ! How neat is that, I can sit and relax for a minute (or 30)...

Another good job done... Steve came around and mowed the lawns and put out the rubbish... TA Steve!

BLAIR: "why the snapper"? Simple, Stew has always called me "The Snapper"... can't think WHY ! Hmmmmmm ..

End of day: got lots done, cleared out a storage cupboard upstairs today as well as the kids wardrobes and the garage... well done me!

NSV: None as per usual. Havn't been evil tonight so that's something. I've now got it in me head that nothing is going to happen on the weight loss front until I am in Auckland and all this stress is BEHIND ME. nite nite.


  1. I like the fish tattoo idea. I can't draw a straight line so I'm no help, though. ;(

  2. Anonymous10:47 AM

    why the snapper?"?

  3. hey ya,
    check your e-mail I sent you a few illustrations, not sure if it is what you are looking for.

    enjoy your saturday.

  4. Hey Chris - great idea :)

    Sorry I cannot help you as I do not have a very artistic streak when it comes to drawing haha :) I could do you a stick figure Ha!

    Hope you are finding what you are looking for :)

  5. I suppose Nemo is out, right?

  6. I used to have a cartoonist woh read my blog - check him out.

  7. Never done a snapper before, but I'd give it a try.


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