Wednesday, March 26, 2008


Kids are back to school today. ... thank god, thank god.... I am rapidly running out of strategies to stop myself throttling them ! Also today, have viewers coming in at midday, so this means.... mad cleaning , vacuming, dusting, rubbish bins emptied, bla bla bla.

Don't go envying me now will ya? I am really at the end of my wick when it comes to trying to sell this house... if something doesn't happen soon I think you can book me into the looney bin. Right, enough bitching, better get outta bed.

Alrighty then, been to town, picked up my new lipsticks... tried to find something to buy cos I was grumpy... but NOTHING took my eye.... went and bought copious amounts of Diet Coke.... and have just finished vacuming and washing all the floors, house is ready for viewing. Expecting them at 2pm..... later....

Hmmmm, does anyone else think I should leave a bit of mess around when viewers come in? ... Am I too tidy?... Maybe some toys on the floor? Any ideas appreciated!

Feedback from the Agent... they loved the house, will be coming back for a second look on sunday... BUT they have a house to sell first before they can make an offer, if they want it that is! ONWARD.... not getting my hopes up. NOT NOT NOT.
End of Day: another kinda ho-hum day... not very exciting at all.
NSV: well I got a good amount of exercise today... wasn't fun tho. nite nite.


  1. Maybe its coz your house is so clean and tidy it is daunting to the prospective buyers...They are thinking of how hard iot is going to be to keep it in the same condition!!! leave clothes out and mess the place up a bit for a change.. might just work... ha hahaha... Just joking... Thank goodness for compulsary schooling hey!!!
    My kids are off all this week.. makes it hard when you work full time I tell ya...

  2. Your house ad looked good in the Property Press!!

    Phew - that was some load of fluid you were carrying around!

  3. Wow that's amazing holding onto over kilos of fluid... 1kilo is around 1ltr of fluid and most adults only have a total of around 5litres of blood/fluid ... so that means you were almost double in the amount you had in your system!! WOW!! No wonder you're feeling better getting rid of it!

    Hmmm don't have any opinions on the mess issue sorry, not a pro on house selling. What does your agent think? But I guess like wanna says you could give it a shot and see what happens

  4. I think people want to see a clean house. But, sometimes I would wonder, doesn anyone live here? As I would see no toys, etc. when we used to look.

    Glad your piddle pills are working.

  5. Wanna is right ... I think a house has to be 'lived' in .... within reason, leave a few things around. See how it goes ...

  6. Glad the piddle pills worked :) Coming into town on Friday. Hair appt at 1pm. Wanna meet up before that? Have asked Anne as well :)

  7. Like Mellisa i would go for the lived in look! But not too lived in!

  8. ha ha ha... i wasnt totally serious... but lived in is a good look.. I am sure your place looks lived in...
    whats going on... no photos in todays post!!!!

  9. Hope they sell their house quickly and buy yours.

  10. That might be a good idea, leave a little 'lived in' mess about?

    Might help?

  11. I dunno, Chris, I think school shouldn't be compulsory. And I don't want any state-type meddlers in my homeschool.

    But I sure associate with that nice feeling of getting the kids out. G and Patrick at least are out of the house. The Wii system is taking a much-needed break today LOL!

    And what is *wrong* with these people coming through your house?? Uggg.

  12. I think a tidy house is the way to go. Its a real turn off when you walk into a place that's a mess. It's a tough market in most places these days. Really do not understand people wasting time when they are not free to purchase.
    As long as your house is welcoming and inviting (homey) then it will sell when the right people come along.

    Thanks for you nice comment (blush). Hope you don't end up in the Looney Bin before all this is said and done. Have a wonderful day.

  13. LOVE LOVE LOVE to shop for makeup. I can do it all day!

    They sound interested. They may decrease the price if they really wanna sell theirs and get into yours.

    I have a week and a half until I get spring break and a week off...

  14. We have a house we've been trying to sell for almost 2 years with no luck.

    No saying that to disillusion you because you are putting 110% effort into yours while ours is sitting unlived in.


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