Monday, March 17, 2008


I am gobsmacked at how quiet Blogworld is! Where is everyone???

Ok, now that's said.... it's another week... and I am looking forward to it for a change. Only three sleeps and the kids and I will be flying up to Auckland for Easter with Stew... so looking forward to that!

But for today:
must get the kids up/dressed/fed and then take Stew out to the airport.
Later on, I am going to ring around and get someone to come and give our lounge suite a bloody good clean! It's filthy! Friggin kids are always putting their feet up on it, wiping their hands on it... yikkkky. Nothing else planned yet. Onward....

Here is the last picture in my recent painting stint:

It's another one I really like, and I think I will stick to these colourings from now on. I don't know if I should/can be bothered making any more right now... what with moving soon (I hope!) and all. But, there is one more word I really want to do "RESPECT".... might do it yet.

gotta go... busting for a piddle! Took the piddle pills today after not taking them over the weekend, gunna pay now by having to spend half the day piddling!

It's been a lovely day so far, I went into town and bought some winter track pants, paid the rego for me car, had lunch with a girlfriend, had a nanna nap and now it's time to pick up the kids. Oh what a life....

DONNA: maybe I didn't read back far enough, all I could see was that you had been back blogging for a while, and I was kinda hurt. Shit happens, people do play mean little games, it happens all the time... and I have been hurt a few times already by this sort of carry on... I am sorry if I have now gone and hurt YOUR feelings.... I didn't mean to I think! I will look forward to reading your blog again..... and to meeting you in Auckland one day! OK babe?

Readers, just so ya know, all is sorted with me and The Miss Donna.... she's a neat girl.... and we are going to be great friends once we BOTH LIVE IN AUCKLAND!

Onward... dinner to make, kids to sort out... bla bla bla.

Janene and Jorja came for a visit after dinner.... lots of noisy kids... great way to get them good and tired for bed. Upon leaving, young Jorja needed to use the loo...EEEEEKKKK... it is blocked with too much paper and water is all over the floor! Fuck, I don't have a plunger!!!! So, an SOS out to my boys, come and watch the kids in bed so I can go buy a bloody plunger... oh the joys.
End of Day: Steve FIXED IT!!!! Yaaa for handy sons.... I've had a nice day! Much to my surprise I might add.
NSV: OOOO ERRRR, none really. Bad start to the day, but a good ending.... yummy chicken for dinner. Was OK. nite nite.


  1. I'm on, for a bit anyway. The kids are clamoring for the computer!

  2. Was thinking that to about blogworld.... Have a great day and a short week, and my munchkins are of to Auckland for the long weekend - yippee.....

  3. Quiet is it??? I had an awsome weekend out on the bike etc...
    Fingers crossed that the lady's hubby loves the house too!!
    Oh easter in Aukland... sounds nice...
    enjoy it...
    I dont care where I am as long as it isnt at work!!!

  4. Oh forgot to say...I love the effects on the Family sign.... gorgeous colours...
    Love the crackle paint effect too...
    I think I have some of that stuff somewhere... never used it...
    hmmmm yeah might get it out in all my spare time...

  5. hi ya,
    have just caught up with your last four posts.
    I'm quiet because I started work a week early and have such rediculously longggg hours I don't know if I'm arthur or martha. (ha, my mother used to use that expression and I finally understand how she must have felt, lol). I have today off then am back to my 7.30am - days. (gosh I'm looking forward to pay day). Am having a wee look at shouting myself a trip when the madness ends in 12 weeks. (nothing like a nice reward at the end of the tunnel)
    Can't decide between Thailand, China.
    I don't imagine I will be back on here this week, so have a lovely time up in Auckland, try and forget all your house worries etc and just let your hair down for the long weekend.
    Take care

  6. Very quiet out there.

    Not long until you are of to Auckland - have fun!!

  7. I love the family painting. I think it's really awesome.

    The weeks are speeding by fast at the moment so hopefully your break in Auckland will do you the world of good.

    Take care mate, hope to see you soon.

  8. Anonymous2:58 PM

    your hair looks awesome! i must admit in my lack of blogging and break lately i have missed your blog darl.

    and on a side note... i am moving to AUCKLAND in august. holy shit you say? it's true!!!! i will send u an invite to my bloggy again and have a read. oh yeah and also, don't worry it wasnt only you locked out. i had a break for a while! :)

  9. Anonymous4:06 PM

    hi chris,

    i sent you an email but maybe you won't see it, so anyway... i won't try too hard to make up your mind because it looks like it has already been made up, but if you actually read back properly you will notice that a. i did stop blogging, b. i had a really hard time and i explained myself to everyone, c. i didn't add heaps of people back as i am fragile, d. the reason i went private was not to block people out on purpose, more so to stop annon comments from nasty people, e. nothing on here is personal, do you honestly think i would want to upset randoms who i don't even know properly? and i could go on and on but seriously, why on earth would i want to upset someone i have never met and play stupid games with people? you should know more than most that everyone deals with their feelings In different ways and no one is perfect. I am truly sorry if you think I have done this on purpose but i haven’t – anyway I don’t want to be left to feel like if I take you off my blog list again you will think i am having a bitch about you as i am not. I don’t do that. When have i ever done that on my blog? I am just a normal person, much like yourself.... and if you think otherwise, then that’s cool, but i am tyring to state my case here and let you know this as it is not personal. Not not not. Never was.

  10. I'm usually not around the blogoshere during the weekend. Have a good day!

  11. Anonymous5:26 PM

    I love the colours in the pic. Can't go wrong with blue, its my fave colour :-)

  12. I've been a little to busy for blogworld but I always catch up on with what you are up to eventually! I'm glad you are liking your paintings. Looks like fun...I wish I had more time for fun and I wish I was more creative. I'll have to think on that and maybe I'll do something during my spring break.

  13. Liking the art work, feeling inspired, more in the jewellery fieled though,have jsut been checking out the pandora goodies on trade me, and it got me thinking that I might get a bit creative. Have a good week hope the easter bunny is kind you :)

  14. wow your artwork is fabulous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! love it love it love it!!!

  15. Everyone must have gone away for the weekend as it was very quiet!
    Love the Family pic.

  16. You should sell your pictures I think, they are all great!!

    Hmm blocked loo, glad that one is fixed:)

  17. Anonymous11:38 PM

    big love to you sexy bomb.... i am excited to be meeting u in the big ol' auckland town... eeep!

    keep me some icecream!!!

  18. Glad to see you enjoyed yourself over the weekend. Hope that buyer is interested. Nice paintings. I'm counting down the days with you. You're going to have a blast. Take care.

  19. Hmm and I thought I was busy! Just getting back into my stride again [I hope] Don't want too much of that reality eating into fantasy land.


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