Wednesday, March 05, 2008


WE still havn't heard from the "Yes we are going to buy it, Wellington People" !!! Talk about totally annoying. So, this afternoon we have a family coming through who saw the house on sunday and want another look..... so I hope they LOVE IT and put in an offer and pip the Wellington 'buyers' to the post. That would SO serve them right for dicking us around!

Steve came around last night and took our trailer around to Janene's garage so it's not cluttering up our yard....all good!

Today: kids to school, tidy house, put on bread (timed to be ready JUST before viewers).... and do some painting. Brylee is all better, she gets migraines we think, which make her ill. Onward...

Stew asked last night "Where's the photo of the kids haircuts"?.... so... here's Brylee's:

But I'm not taking Griffin's... his looks the same as per usual! Just shorter. Derrrr....

The people coming to view the house again this afternoon have FOUR teenage boys (the poor woman!)... so I decided to re-dress the two girly rooms and make them more "boyish", so....

this room:

I pushed the two beds together and threw a more 'boyish' duvet cover on... looks better:

And for this room:
I rolled up the pink rug, took of the pink stuff and covered the bed with a blue duvet:

So now all the bedrooms are more "musculine" looking, so they can't say EEEWWWW this is a girl's room! Onward....

The viewers stayed for almost an hour, really keen and are bringing back MORE family on Sunday for another look!!! This is dragging out .....

The Wellington Guy is apparently giving the house "due diligence" and is still "thinking about it"... seems he's an arrogant, bolshy bastard! Whatever, I'm not holding my breath...

End of Day: I'm knackered... kinda pissed off cos this is dragging out so much! I know I am not going to sleep AGAIN tonight, I just can't seem to get to sleep nowdays.

NSV: I got lots of exercise again.. cleaning, cleaning, cleaning! nite nite.


  1. morning :o)

    got my fingers and toes and everything crossed that these new people will love the house, or at least scare the Wellington people into getting a move on.


  2. Good luck with the house sale... it will happen oneday!!
    I take it Bry is feeling better today???

  3. Got to give it you Chris - you are doing all you can to sell that house!!

    Are you free tomorrow morning, do you want to visit Izzy and drop of the cray pot?

  4. Great thinking on changing the bedrooms. Well done and fingers crossed it works :)

  5. 10.30 tomorrow is fine:-)

  6. Good-thinking!-You-go-girl!

  7. Wow! I love how you changed the doonas to create a new look. Well done and good luck with the house sale.

  8. Four teenage boys!!!!! My god she is a poor woman. I'd buy your house, put them all downstairs and move myself upstairs and declare it off limits.

    There's a family out there that's going to fall in love with your house - and maybe that family is coming today.

    It will happen.

  9. changing Rooms eat your heart out lol.... Changing the doona covers make a huge difference. Hope this family loves the house.

  10. Anonymous3:43 PM

    Great thinking on the bedrooms.

    Brylee is looking so cute with her new hair cut.

  11. Gees girl you go out of your way more than any other person I know selling a house - all that work has to pay of. Good luck!

  12. The rooms look cute. You sure keep them clean. My kids' rooms don't look like that.

  13. You amaze me how you just think of everything!! Like making rooms look more boyish! Fantastic. You could start up a business helping people get their homes ready for sale. You certainly have enough experience by now!

  14. Anonymous6:13 PM

    hold on girl it will happen

    can't remember my password-had to change it cause himeself was still logging into my sites now I am locked out bum


  15. Goodluck Chris I hope some one buys soon, it really sux's selling a house.

    I must say you are very creative with your decor , YOu have alot of motivation , I like your get in and get it done attitude.
    What a fantastic idea to change over the doonas to make them more appealing to your potential buyers.

  16. It is dragging out isnt it.....but maybe ..just maybe...this time it will all be worth it. Oh i do hope so.

  17. Well that sounds promising!! The rooms look awesome!! Mini make overs.. you are a champ:)

  18. Anonymous8:47 PM

    what a brilliant idea changing the rooms to suit the buyer - now thats thinking batman! :) good luck!

  19. Wow, it was amazing how you were able to change the entire atmosphere of the rooms by making just a few changes.

    Well done.

    Here's hoping you get a buyer soon!


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