Tuesday, March 25, 2008


Slept like a log, it sure is nice to be home again.... even though we had a FANTASTIC time away.

Today: we need to do a grocery shop, as I gave all our food to the boys before we left! And I shall be mowing the lawns as we have viewers coming in tomorrow... the house is quite spotless so at least that's one less thing to do.

I have already done all our 'away' washing and it's out on the line... I still havn't unpacked our bags so that's to be done too. So, on with the day....

When I got home last night I weighed myself (FUCK!).... then I took me piddle pills... and I have been piddling ever since!

So, after piddling for 12 hours I weighed myself again... and I have lost 4.2 kilos ! That's one hell of a lot of water to have 'on board' .... I am feeling a million times better for having got rid of it!
Been to town, done a bit of shopping, had lunch with Chris D and caught up on her goss.... hoping to have a quiet afternoon now! YEAH RIGHT with Griffin and Brylee home.

End of Day: I've been rather crabby actually, so over the kids and their chocolate induced behaviour. NO MORE FOR THEM! Went grocery shopping, top of the list was Diet Coke cos I had run out, spent about $300 on groceries, got home, unpacked it all... NO BLOODY DIET COKE! Derrrrr. Talk about crabbier!

NSV: Had a Weight Watcher prepared meal for dinner, it was yum, gunna get more! nite nite.


  1. Glad you had a good time...
    The easter show looked like fun for the kids....
    Shopping malls... I am jealous... we have crap ones here....

  2. AS you seem to have been having a good time, lets hope your viewers tomorrow are the ones!

  3. The photo cracked me up. 4.2 kg is an awful lot of fluid retention. Wow.

    Glad you got the Easter you wanted. You certainly packed an awful lot in.

    Not to mention that beautiful granddaughter you got to see born.

  4. Firstly Congratulations on being a Nan again, Rena is absolutely gorgeous Chris....Good timing that you were there.....I like the houses , lets hope the viewers grab your house....Glad you had a good time away, know what you mean about prices, even our show is ridiculous....A life without fluid retention .....ahhhh how nice would that be...have a great afternoon

  5. Clearly I need to find me some of those piddle pills!

  6. Anonymous4:52 PM

    Yikes that is a lot of fluid, you will be feeling heaps better today.

  7. Maybe you should hide the elephant before the next house showing. No wonder you have not sold your house yet.

  8. Love the photo!!!lol

    Glad you all had a great time away.

    Yes, Im sacking the easter bunny next year, silly pig bought tooooo much choccy!!

  9. That sure is a lot mof water to have had on board, well, it's gone now.

    I know I haven't commented much of late, I haven't been commenting much AT ALL..FULL STOP...uuummm not sure why, lazy perhaps

    Hugs x

  10. Wow that's alot of water! Hope you're feeling alot better now. Big congrats on the new grand baby. Oh so sweet. So glad you were there to share the experience with your daughter.

    The houses all look devine. Glad you had a good time away. The weather seems to have cooperated. The beach, how lucky. It's been extremely cold here (-10C), not giving much opportunity for the snow to melt. Still waiting on spring.

    Hope you have a great day.

  11. Glad you had a good time. No caffeine would make Corky a grump too.

  12. I'm glad you enjoyed yourself!

    lol... That's a lot of piddling!

  13. I think "piddle pills" should be the official name for those. I love that.

    And the choco-buzz the kids get can be mind-numbing.


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