Friday, March 14, 2008


Stew comes home today.... yipeeeee.... but it means I have to bake another Bacon and Egg Pie! Stew loves my pie, and he was really SAD the other day when he read he had missed the last one.. so I'm making him one. Ain't I nice?

Today: kids to school, then more painting people! Don't ya think my life is just so much fun? Oh well, at least I'm not bitching about the house eh.

JO: yes the "K" would appear to be upside down, lucky it still looks OK eh?
Felt like posting some random photos:

Geraniums in a home-made pot.

A cute LAAF who greets you at the front door.

Fish in the garden... and

My Pig Weather Vane.

Hmmm.... a bit of a contradiction here in the pantry!

Stew's side of the bed... he will be in it tonight! Yipeee.

Pink corner in the lounge.

"KISS ME YOU SWINE"... in the spare bedroom. Now wasn't that nice?

- *drumming fingers on table* .... waiting for paint to dry.
- Pie made and ready to go in the oven.
- Got friggin bad headache.
- gunna pick up kids soon.
- Then pick up the man from airport.
- Oh Yeah, top that all of with BLOODY HOT FLUSHES.

JO: errrm, what part of me TALENT would ya like me to teach ya? I don't think I'm very talented girl, just a bit crafty !

End Of Day: hubby safely home, fed and watered, watching his favourite on TV... RUGBY. Kids off to bed in a mo, me ? Painting.

NSV: too busy to be bad. nite nite.


  1. Wow---look at your straight hair pic on the side! How'd you get it sooooo straight?

  2. ...your bacon & egg pie looked sooooooooooooooooo good!

  3. Mmmm I'll have a piece of that pie to please!!lol

    My hubby is home tonight too, can't wait, Ive actually missed him this time!!

    Enjoy your day:)

  4. LOL on the equal next to the lollies!
    Have a great weekend dear!

  5. Love the pics. Happy painting :)

  6. Love the pics... :)

  7. I just have to say that your talent amazes me! Can you teach me? hehehehe....

  8. Oh that pink is so beauiful. That's my favorite color. Love it.

  9. Get some headache tablets into you, you don't want to spoil the homecoming with Stew. Have a great weekend enjoying each others company.

  10. Have a great weekend with Stew Chris...hope your headaches goes away x

  11. That pie sounds fabulous! I think my hubby would be in heaven with a bacon and egg pie!!!

    Hope you feel better....I hate headaches!

  12. Enjoy your man!!! ;) Gotta be hard to be away from him.

  13. Anonymous5:49 PM

    Have a great weekend with Stew

  14. YAY for Stew being home - who wouldn't come home for that sensational looking pie of yours ... lol ... not that that's all he's coming home for of course!

    Have a great weekend!

  15. Anonymous8:46 PM

    Hey. I just wanted to leave a note for you. Thank you so much for wanting to keep an eye on me even though I decided to go private with my blog - I was very surprised to see the response that I got from this announcement - but it just means so much more to know who is reading me - and I will return the favor for sure. I do need to recommit myself to my blog and to this weight loss journey - and am so happy to have you reading. Take care!!

    Hugs from SK CANADA! Christine

  16. Thanks for posting all the great pics! Very inneresting to play voyuer and get a sneak-peek into your home!

    PS: can you post the recipe for the bacon and egg pie? xxx

  17. Hope Stew got back safely!

  18. D'oh. As soon as it hit "publish" I realised you HAD posted the recipe. I'm losing the plot right now...

  19. Bacon and egg pie sounds and yummy and looking at previous pics looks it too.....mmmmmmmmm send me a piece please, will save me cooking!!!!!
    Mixed grill for us....bacon and egg included...

    Enjoy your weekend with Stew,


  20. Your bedroom is so clean, neat and NON cluttered. I need that kind of help. Send me some energy and the ability to get rid of some stuff,

    I'll be waiting thanks!

  21. I have never had a bacon and egg pie, but it sounds very yummy. How can you go wrong with bacon and eggs?


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