Thursday, March 06, 2008


One day is just like another right now, and I am hating every minute of it... life just seems such a chore right now, there is no bloody FUN going on!

Today I am visiting Anne and Izzy out on the farm, so that will be a welcome diversion ....

There isn't much else to report on.... life is so very boring right now.
I havn't told the kids yet, but Stew isn't coming home this weekend... just as well really cos I'm getting really grumpy again! I would not be very nice company!
I didn't think going out to see Izzy would cheer me up, but it did! She is just so adorable, as is her new main man.. Toby! They are so funny, they share all their toys, and when you throw one they both bring it back... they like to share!

When Anne and I were inside having a drink ... the dogs have to stay outside.. except Izzy crept in and sat in the garage doorway, and Toby sat at the front door entrance.... they are so cute!

After visiting Anne, I popped into the supermarket for a few supplies, and every time I go to the supermarket I buy a bottle of wine... for when we have a House Sale to CELEBRATE....

Do you think I have ENOUGH yet???? Ha ha, the sad thing is... it only takes about 2 glasses to put me on my head! Someone is going to have to help us drink all of this!

End of day: ended a bit better than it started. Kids in bed, very quiet in my house!

NSV: none, eating far too much out of boredom and depression. shit happens. nite nite.


  1. BOY! Do I know what you mean today. I have been feeling the same for a while now but I think it is depression or SAD during these Winter months that is making me feel like life is hard work and boring....and living here but we have things going on at the mo before we decide what to do for the best....move or stay and settle....if poss.

    Hugs xx

  2. :[

    Hopefully the Wellington folks are just scraping their finances together or trying for a bigger loan with the mortgage company (wouldn't that be nice??!).

    I really like your house pics!

  3. Hi Chris.

    Thank you so much for popping by my blog and offering advice. Very sweet of you!!

    I hope you have a good time at the farm. Maybe it'll help break up the monotony of your week.

    Is it possible to maybe go and visit Stew one weekend? That'd be a nice treat and get you away from home. I'm sorry life is blah right now. It'll get better...hang in there.

    Michelle (o;

  4. Oh poor Chris, I don't blame you for being grumpy! Oh and in answer to your question, yes we have explored north of Auckland and love it but its just the wrong direction for us to be near family and friends :)

  5. Sorry to hear that things are not happening with the sale of your house must be so frustrating to say the least ....enjoy your day with Anne and Izzy x

  6. Yeah I know what ya mean too Chris... life can suck big time... lets swap lives for a week!!!!

  7. Yep boring! I agree ... heck we need to rark up some fun ... what can we do??

  8. Chin up lovely, negative attracts negative. Put a smile on your beautiful face and make the most of your day. I send you a bucket of happiness to brighten your morning!! :0)
    (Yeah, go ahead and slap me - I know it was a bit too cheezey!! hehe).

  9. Anonymous1:14 PM

    Goodness that is a lot of wine. I'm sure there will be a few people show up to help you drink it.

  10. Awww - love the photos!! LOL - I couldn't find Izzy after you left, called and called and then she appeared - from out of the house, looking a bit sheepish!!

    I'll be around for a wine when the for sale goes up!

  11. *putting my hand up to held with the bottles of wine* :)

  12. um, I will take one for the team and come over and help you drink.
    You are welcome!!


  13. Gee it's going to be a hell of a housewarming party!! Might have to come over for that one!! Ha Ha. Izzy looks fantastic - was a great solution for her to go to Anne's. Hang in there kiddo Love Z xx

  14. Sounds like you might want to take a nip now....just call it a pre-celebration....or mood lifter!

  15. Too bad my kids don't get along as well as those dogs.

  16. I could pop over to help you drink the wine!

  17. Thanks for your excellent comment on my blog. Re: my MIL: I don't think she is lazy (or mean) she's just old and forgetful I guess... STILL v. v. annoying tho' !!!

  18. Thank you so much for my postcards...I love them!!! ha ha made me laugh and made my day!!!!Thank you !!!

  19. This entire winter here I have been in a huge funk that I have had a heck of a time getting out of. The wonderwife has tried everything - but unless I can get outside and its dry, I am a grump.

  20. Dear me I hope you wake up feeling better. Seems everyone thinks things are rather ho hum these days. That's lots of booze for someone who can't drink..... I expect there will be a party when you finally sell.

    Liked what you did with the bedrooms. Your house looks very nice and inviting. Hopefully someone will fall in love with it soon. Wishing you all the best.

  21. I can help with a few of those wine bottles... whens the next flight to NZ! I can sing maori songs to liven up the party... hehehehe :) xox


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