Tuesday, March 18, 2008


And I get it, I really do! I'm not getting enough exercise! That has got to be the reason.... I don't sleep at night, so I have a Nana Nap in the midday... and I'm not going to the gym, I'm not walking in the mornings.... so I'm just not physically tired enough!

Makes sense doesn't it???

So, today I am going to NOT HAVE A NAP, and tonight I WILL get on the friggin treadmill and exercycle once the kids are in bed, followed by a sauna.... what do ya bet I sleep like a log tonight?

Kids to school
visit Contours again to suss out membership
Have lounge suite cleaned around midday
Pick kids up at 1 (it's an early finish)... hell I hope I remember!

That's about all for now... better go get the kids breakfast....

For all you women out there, I just read a rather funny post by my friend Pavel in the States.... pop over and have a laugh! It's about MAXI PADS !

In the middle of Palmerston North CBD there is a huge Green Area, with duck ponds etc etc.... BUT there is this one DORKY DUCK that has decided to make her nest slap bang in the middle of the medium strip on the road! she sits there day after day on her eggs, watching thousands of car whizz by, and hundreds of pedestrians too.... and doesn't give a shit. This is a girl with ATTITUDE I tell ya!

I just hope that once the ducklings hatch someone saves them before they get squashed on the road!

Men are here cleaning my lounge suite, it's so NICE to sit and watch MEN do the cleaning! Ahhhhh....
AS if I'd take a photo of men working! .... YEP, I DID ! ....

As you can see, it took two blokes to do it too... one to clean, one to watch.... such HARD WORK it was! *yeah right*
End of Day: I've done 20 minutes on the treadmill and the same on the exercycle.... going to have a suana shortly then head off to bed... fingers crossed I sleep! Tonight is the very first night I have felt REALLY LONELY! Weird.
NSV: I've been DAMN good today! Yipee for small mercies. nite nite.


  1. Great posting, Chris! Very, very good. Apprecite this blog.

    The world is at war against the pedophilia.

  2. How's it going chic? Bet you looking forward to easter and having stew home.

    Yay for exercising.

  3. Nanna naps arent always a good idea... but the exercise sounds like a better one!!!!
    Heres to a top night sleep tonight!!

  4. Sorry for my lack of visits..I am swamped with college, working full tuime and trying to plan a wedding. Luck I have anytime or energy to breathe...

    I hate to exercise---HENCE I'm a cow. MOOOO Can't you hear me from over in the States?

  5. Men, cleaning? C'mon you're pulling my leg right?

  6. I hope someone saves the ducklings as well.

  7. Excercise yourself to sleep? Wow!!! That's a great idea. I had an awful time falling asleep last night. Now I'll do pushups or something till I drop. (lol)

    I hope it works for you today.

    I love that duck's attitude. Just doesn't care and will do what she has a mind to do. Good lesson to be had, I'm sure.

    Thanks for the shout out, btw. You're awful nice.

  8. I bet the house selling situation isn't helping. Hopefully it will sell soon so you can have a little less stress in your life.

  9. Hey Babe!
    Hope all is well!
    Decided to start posting again... hope to see you around.


  10. Anonymous3:25 PM

    Hope the exercise does the trick for you. Nothing worse than lying awake at night, it can be a long day but its an even longer night!

  11. Me thinks you're onto something girl! I have the same problem on occasion-when not a whole hell of a lot is going on-and I often Nap in the arvo as well (why not-right?!) so I started adding some cardio in the late afternoon- it definitely helps. Let us know how well you slept!
    Poor little ducks!
    Are you getting pics of the men cleaning-even if they are not hot-THAT is-LOL!

  12. Love the ducks attitude....but better still love the idea of watching men cleaning !!!

  13. Yay for the pickies!
    But, how come they are not wearing g-strings....that really should be in their contract!

  14. It would still be entertaining! even for the ewww factor!

  15. I think they call it supervising don't they? Not watching ... lol

    Fingers crossed that your exercise and sauna help you to get a good nights sleep tonight! I'm in the same boat, I need a nana nap on days that I don't work because the pregnancy tires me out but guaranteed I never sleep as well those nights.

  16. Thanks for the 'tip' LOL Have made the change on my post...LOL. Gee men cleaning.......thats typical ....one to do the work ..one to watch!!!!!!! Not like us women!!!! Hope the exercise helps with the sleep........doesn't work for me...hipes me up instead...LOL

  17. Hope you sleep well...

  18. Hi Chris!

    I'm thinking the ducks' mom is probably a real adventurer - wonder how her kids turn out if they don't get squashed!!

    I don't know but that naps sound awfully good.

  19. NON SCALE VICTORY!!! I just read that finally! I'd been thinking you were tracking your Bible reading in the New Standard Version or something. It was a little cryptic LOL!

  20. Hey, just wanted to let you know I just started Weight Watchers! I got a long long way to go, but you and others like you encourage me SOO much!!

    And I loved the picture of MEN cleaning!! That's rare, girlfriend!!

  21. Way to go on your exercise! I agree with the no nap rule if you can. Are you sleeping better?

  22. Hope the exercise does the trick and you managed yourself a good nights rest. Two men to clean, what would have taken one woman. Did you remember to pick up those kids? Take care.


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