Thursday, March 20, 2008


- kids to school
- pack the bags
- clean the house (just in case some bugger wants to view it while we are away)
- give key to house sitter, thanks Mike!

I think that's all I have to do..... once I pick up the kids after school it's out to the airport for our flight to Auckland.

I havn't told the kids we are going yet, they think we are going out to the airport to pick up Stew .... hee hee he! Won't they be surprised when we actually get on the plane instead!

I will do my best to update while I am away, but if it's sporadic.... tough shit! I'm on holiday! I'm having fun! NO HOUSEWORK!!! How bloody cool is THAT going to be? Gawd I can't wait.

The Estate Agent just rang, seems we do have viewers coming in over the weekend... which means I will have to vacum afterall.... dammit. Today is going so S.....L....O....W.....L....Y.

Made a 'weekend' resolution: I ain't gunna eat any chocolate, not one teeny tiny bit. If I stick to this, I am going to reward myself with some elbow and knee pads, for when I get my skates! Yipee, I can hardly wait! NOT that I intend to fall over....much!

If I remember rightly, last year my boys gave me some of this:

It is my favourite chocolate treat... DON'T GET ME ANY!!! I do not need it! And if for some reason this turns up in my driveway:

I will shoot the bastards! NO CHOCOLATE... NO CHOCOLATE...

Daughter No 3 has still not had her baby... due ANY DAY NOW.... I am hoping like hell she has baby while we are in Auckland so we can pop down from there to see her and baby.

I'm off to get the kids from school soon, I'm feeling nervous! I hate flying..... If I don't get a chance later to sign off.... I will do it now! Nite nite babes.


  1. Cute blog... you are lucky you can drink so much diet coke without getting sick. The stuff is so full of harmful chemicals and damages your nervous and neurological systems... be careful!

  2. Safe travels have a wonderful holiday. The kids are shocked to say the least. All the best.

  3. Have a great weekend :) The kids will get a real thrill I'm sure when they realise they are the ones going on the plane :)

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  5. Have a wonderful Easter weekend, and what a great surprise for the kids!!!

    Take care, and ehjoy your time with Stew.


  6. lol the kids will be soooo excited!!!
    have a nice holiday:)

  7. Omg... what a wonderful surprise for the kids!!!
    Have a top weekend Chris...
    And I am sure you wont be able to NOT blog while you are away!!! lots of photos please... I want to see the city where I am going to come and visit you!!!!

  8. haha had to laugh at montgomery's comment ... so that's why you're crazy in the head like me!!! We drink too much diet coke!! haha!!

    Have fun while your away ... and RELAX!!! yeah I know not an easy thing to do, but try

  9. Hope you and the Family have a fab Easter!

    Has your daughter had her baby yet? xxx

  10. Have an absolutely awesome weekend. The kids are going to be beside themselves. Have a wonderful weekend away with no housework, no open homes and hopefully, fingers crossed a new bubs.

    And lay off the choccie.

  11. Anonymous12:44 PM

    Have a wonderful holiday. I can't believe that is your fave choc, it's mine as well :-)

  12. Now, didn't ya see my blog just today?? It has a picture of where those little bunny eggs come from.

    You're welcome.

  13. Anonymous3:05 PM

    take photos! i want photos of the place i am going to live.. hehe

  14. Have a fab weekend CHRIS...I'm sure you will without my wishes-but I wish it just the same!
    Flying is fun...especially with a bit of valium and a glass of red wine!

  15. Holy cow! That is one big egg.

  16. Have a great flight! And what a lovely suprise for the kids!!

  17. Hi, I popped over from Casdok's blob.... and have been reading and reading with me cuppa tea before I take the nippers to school....

    Lovely blob you have here, I will be back if thats ok..

    oh and have a lovely holiday..


  18. Might I suggest having a piece of chocolate to calm your nerves before the flight?

    Have a great trip!

  19. Glad to see you made it through the day ok. Have a wonderful time. Hope you get to see that baby.

  20. Oh what a fabulous surprise the kids will have when they actually get on the plane.


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