Saturday, March 15, 2008


Me man is back, all is good in my world... I can ESCAPE for the morning and meet the girls for morning tea!!!! I do love him, really I do... but it's nice to get a break.

I finished two more paintings last night... one of them is LIFE... I'm quite rapt with it actually.

The other one was still a bit tacky so won't show it right now.

I'm off to meet the girls, yipee......

After morning tea. ... it will be straight into housework.... I have been a lazy tart during the week and done bugger all... no vacuming, dusting, or polishing....did keep up with the washing and getting the rubbish out though .. so I'm not a complete sloth.

AND I BAKED A PIE... let's not forget the pie. ha ha ha.
Morning tea was just lovely... Jo was up from Wellington, so she came with her little daughter too.
Home, then a quick turn around and we went back into town for a family lunch....
Home and.... got a cracker headache AGAIN so am taking some Nuerophen (sp?) and lying down for a while. Stew is going to do the weeding (lucky Man)....
End Of Day: very quiet in blogland! not much happening around here either.
NSV: Been quite a good girl. nite nite.


  1. I hope you enjoyed your morning tea with the girls...
    Just about to have a shower then go get some pine bark and redo the garden beds etc.... going to be 29degrees possibly not the best day for doing it... oh well... have a top day!!!

  2. yep...been a very quiet day here too.....
    Hope the headache has gone


  3. Love your Life!! :)

  4. Sometimes those quiet days are the best - enjoy the rest of your weekend!

  5. Bacon and egg pie? Do you have the recipe for that on here? It sounds intriguing...

  6. Have a good visit! I like your LIFE sign!


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