Tuesday, March 11, 2008


I heard from our Agent last night... the people with 4 teenage boys have to sell 3 (!) houses in order to buy our house, and those houses have been 'on the market' for 10 months already! So, they don't have a shit show in hell of buying this house. WANKERS just wasting my time. Can I scream now? Cos that's how I feel....

Today: kids to school. THAT'S IT. No other plans. I'm thinking of joining Contours Gym.. I can transfer my membership to the Auckland branch when we move.... so might go check them out. They have a weight loss programme running right now too... might be worth joining?

SLEEP? Well I wasn't sure when to take the Rescue Remedy, so tried with an hour before I went to bed.... it still took me a while to get to sleep (about an hour) but I did get to sleep! And I slept all night... except for when Griffin padded into my ensuite at 4am (on his own!) and had a piddle! I was so proud of him. Now I'm sitting up in bed updating and both those little kids have got themselves up and dressed and are quietly watching TV till I get up! Awwwww.
- went and had morning tea with Chris D at the hospital, her hubby was in having more chemo.
- checked out Contours... not that impressed, might wait and visit the Auckland Branch when I'm up at Easter before commiting myself to a membership.
- did a tiny grocery shop.
- home.
Am now killing time till I go and pick up the kids... another day down.... think I shall do some painting this evening.

END OF DAY: took the remaining bacon n egg pie to Chris D and her hubby...cooked myself some cauliflower cheese for dinner...doing some painting...yakked to the man...now gunna watch Boston Legal. LOVE that show.]
NSV: thinking of joining a gym again, this could be good for the bod I suppose. nite nite.


  1. Anonymous9:18 AM

    Sorry your house still isn't sold Chris....maybe it's too clean!! Just another idea to help you sleep.. magnesium.. get the strongest dose you can from health shop.. will give you the best sleep ever! I've used it before.. which reminds me I should go and get some.. and maybe I can chuck the sleeping pills for good! Was trying until this last circus when the elephant fell off the tightrope!!! Retail therapy today and visiting friends... oh to be a lady of leisure!

  2. Weel iff you are frustrated about not selling your house.. Imagine what it must be like to have 3 on the market and not budging!!!!!
    Well done to griffin for getting up all by himself!!!
    When I cant sleep or have a run of restless nights i take 2 nurafen before bed... But mine is usually caused by body aches ..ie back probs... Or I take a dose of the kids dimetapp cold medicine.. that stiff is awesome.. haha.. turns me out like a light...

  3. Oh and joining contours is a top idea.... specially being able to transfer your membership too.... go for it!!!

  4. Can understand your frustration at those people - total waste of time!!!

  5. Such good little kidly winks!!! Mine fuss and fight and kick and scream watching TV!!

    Take your RR each night before bed, before you know it you will be in a great sleep routine?? Hopefully!!!

  6. How frustrating! Good to get a decent sleep though.

  7. It amazes me that people can get your hopes up for a sale knowing how hard it is to sell a house ... being fully aware that they are not really in the market for buying by another few months!!! Now for doing that to you ... I hope they take another 2 months to sell their houses!! *evil giggle*
    Like Wanna said ... imagine their frustration!!??
    I don't think I have had a straight through sleep for months ... when my kids get up, I have to put my lamp on so they can see!! Little shits.... although clean sheets in the morning is a bonus!! In the new house, we have put a sensor in the hall way so when they get up, they can see without me having to wake ... no doubt I will anyway seeing the light come on ... I can't win!!?? lol

  8. Maybe they love your house so much that they will drop the prices on theirs so they do not miss out on your.

    Maybe your next painting could say SOLD or MOVING ON - positive vibes and all that.

    Good Luck!

  9. OMG @ waiting for 3 houses to sell just to buy one! I wouldn't want to be in their shoes, pity they can't be up front to start with though.

    Any more word from the other possible contenders?

    I'm having a battle with Curves at the moment so am considering joining Contours instead once bubs is born - i'd be interested to hear what you think of them if you do end up joining.

  10. Yes, you can scream now.

  11. Well done Griffin!! :)

  12. Anonymous12:14 AM

    Well done Griffin.

    I'm sorry to hear that those people who looked so promising are actually time wasters. Surely the buyer has to turn up soon. Fingers remain crossed for you.

  13. It sounds like you had a nice day and it was really sweet of you join your friend for coffee at the hospital. I'm sure she really appreciated it.

    I'm sorry selling your home has been such a hastle. Hang in there..the right buyer will pop up soon.

    Oh, and I wanted to ask you how does Wednesday look..lol. It always tickles me that I am reading your blog and your already working on the next day. Tuesday is going okay here, but how does Wednesday look? (o;

  14. Whats wrong with people, why waste everyone's time? Silly buggers. Hope you have better luck with the house soon. Take care and hope you managed to get a proper rest.


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