Thursday, March 27, 2008


I used to get a hot flush now and then, but this week I have been PLAGUED with them! They are driving me nuts..... it's like I get one every 10 minutes or so..... NOW DON'T GET ME WRONG... I like being WARM, but these are not nice at all.

Does anyone know of a natural remedy for them? I ain't taking any drugs for the "change of life".... I want to do it naturally.

- kids to school
- go to lunch with Anne and Jenny
- pack for my trip to Rotorua tomorrow (Lee Anne's Wedding!)

Stew is driving back tonight, so he will be looking after the kids tomorrow ... yipee I get a weekend away without kids! I have to get back pronto on Sunday though, we still have an Open Home to do!
There is going to be a huge Editorial in the local paper Featuring our Home tomorrow too... and lots of other advertising, so we are still giving the house a BIG PUSH. Gotta do everything we can eh? I WANT TO BE IN AUCKLAND.

It is now 5 months since we put our house on the market.... who is totally SICK TO DEATH of hearing about us trying to sell our house? ME ME ME.

LYNISE: thanks for the advice.. we have looked at one in Mt Lebanon I think... what one are you talking about? Do you know what number? Yes the prices are dropping up there too, which is great for us! I can't wait to go back and have a THOROUGH look again.. last time we only had one afternoon and were so rushed! I think I will just ring an Agent and get her/him to line them all up and go for it.... but I still love the one we have already found... it's on Hill road, Charles Prevost End.

My day so far....
- Lunch with the girls, including Chris D , was lovely.
- Bought two new clothes airers, they are neat!

- My car is playing up, almost died today, so it's booked into the garage next Tuesday.
- Stew just rang, he can't get home tonight afterall, he's got meetings backed up till late tonight. This means....

- I can't go to Rotorua tomorrow for Lee Anne's wedding. I am not a happy girl!

End of Day: been up and down ... bummed out and missing my darling.

NSV: Well I have been quite good actually! We have easter eggs in the pantry and I have gone and looked at them several times today cos I've been crabby, but I left them alone... again! nite nite.


  1. good morning, sorry I don't have a solution for the hot flushes, I know my mother took some kind of homopathic remedy so will ask her what it was and if it was any good for you.

    Speaking of my parents, they live in the gardens and there are several places for sale in their street. The neighbour two houses down has just sold their big beautiful home and Mum was saying that originally it was on the market for $715 but dropped to $639 in Feb, then they finally got an offer of $650 which has now gone unconditional. Their original valuation was for $725 so they had put it at $699 expecting it to represent really good value for money. Now why am I saying all this, well I know this is the area you are looking at and not much seems to be selling anywhere so prices are obviously dropping there as well. The house I'm talking about is stunning, was built by the same builder who built my parents home and has all the same high tech stuff like electric curtains, and built in sound system throughout the house.

    Lynda made the comment a while ago that as you are selling and buying in the same market you will find that when you buy prices will have dropped also, and the house in Mt Lebenon certainly supports this.

    I don't want to sound like a total wet blanket, but it may be helpful to have an agent show you other comparable homes she has one her books and what they are selling for so you know that your place is still good value for money. (or go visit a couple of open homes yourself and see what the buyers will be looking at in your price range). Whatever you see will be exactly what agents are showing them also.

    I know you are trying everything possible to get your house sold so don't for a second think that I am thinking otherwise. (gosh, I actually don't know anyone who has gone to as much effort as you are) but just thought I would share the info about the neighbours with you as its in the area you are looking.

  2. 5 Friggin Months!! No wonder you are ripping your hair out..I know its easy for us to say just be patient etc... but that rooly sux...
    As for hot flushes..i only get them when i drink .. haha..
    Nah just joking.. i havent gotten there yet and mum hasnt mentioned them so i dont know what she did for them... Better get ready for work...
    only 10 hrs til scotch oclock..woooohooooo

  3. Gee 5 Months already!!!
    Enjoy your weekend away, no kids!!! Heaven!!!

  4. Just think of all the calories you're burning when you're hot!! Right?

    Hey, it really sounds like New Zealand is some kind of amazing paradise. Lookit my blog and click on the news link! I thought it was odd in the extreme.

    Have an AWESOME weekend!!!

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  6. Black cohosh is supposed to be good. There is a good product my midwife used, it has one for night and one for day. All natural and she said it worked a treat. I'll text her and find out.

    Sorry to here about the house. It's a shit time to be selling at the moment. But you might just have to bite the big shiny bullet and take a lower price to get it sold.

  7. 5 months. Blimey! It must be such a pain in the tubes! We went through it here in Sydney and didn't even get a sale!... can you keep it and let it out? That's what we ended up doing.

    Thanks for your comment BTW. I'm sure you're prolly right!

  8. Like Jules, I was going to ask if it would be worth dropping the price by, say $10K? That may be all you need to get some interest yet it is not a massive amount to lose on a sale??
    5 months is a long time and we don't care that you talk about it alot .. hey look at me and my house!!?? I got so sick talking about it and had nothing but the house to talk about .... so I stopped blogging and gained HEAPS of weight!!! *sigh*
    What a shit that Stew can't come home tonight ... could you take the kiddies with you?? Could your boys have the kids overnight?? Would be a shame to miss a wedding ...
    Have a great weekend.... fingers crossed for you chookie!!!

  9. Bugger about the wedding, I would be pissed to. Try and have a good weekend anyway.

  10. Anonymous5:56 PM

    5 months!!! Seriously??? i would like to say it's gone quickly but for you it is probably dragging.

    Bummer about not being able to make the wedding

    How about visiting a naturopath to see if they can fix the flushes with some magic natural things.

  11. Wish I was closer. I would offer to look after the kids for you so you could still get away. Bummer. Sounds like a night away would be great for you right now.

    I really have everything crossed that the advertising does it's job and you sell this weekend. I can imagine how frustrating it must be for you.

  12. oops, made a typo in my previous comment, was meant to read that neighbours house was on the market for $715 then dropped to $650, and finally just got an offer of $639 (unconditional) so a whopping $86,000 under the val done in Nov.

    I'm not 100% sure of what number as I can't remember what end of the street the numbers start.

    My parents are just a wee way up Mt Lebenon (the end furthest from the shops) and the house is that sold is a couple up from them. A double storied place with a huge feature tinted feature window facing the street.

  13. 5 months, has it really been that long?
    Bummer about the wedding.

  14. Anonymous11:01 PM

    That's horrid about the wedding - you really sounded like you were looking forward to it too!

  15. Ahhh crap....sorry to hear Stew is detained. Do hope your weekend picks up. Have fun at your wedding. Good luck wit the viewing, hope you're home finds a new owner.

  16. Get the patches... I don't feel your pain on the flashes (yet) but am thinking of ya... I experienced it with my mum... ohhhhh

  17. Cant your kids look after the little ones today for a bit till Stew gets there so you can go to the wedding - just a thought.

  18. ug. I hate car trouble. Hope it's minor stuff.

  19. Car trouble bites. So do hot flashes. I see somebody already reccomended black cohosh. That's the only one I know of myself. But I'll keep my eyes peeled for you.

  20. I have never seen someone go from being happy to sad in a single post before reading this!

    Hoping tomorrow is much better!

  21. Hi My name is Cathie.I also suffered hot flushes extremely bad.Going insane, then I thought about it and cured them thru diet. It was easy. My friends said I should write about it so I put my story on the web. Hope you get some inspiration.


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