Wednesday, March 12, 2008


Today: I am going to get the kids to school, then...

I am going to paint, all day .... I have started doing a 'word' picture for one of the teachers at the kids school... she had both the littlies for their first year... and is just a lovely woman. I spoke to her daughter to find out if there was a 'word' that was important to her... and it's her maiden name! So, today's word is "KING"....

I will also work on "WISHFUL" ....

It would appear that the Rescue Remedy Sleep Aide does work... I got a decent night's sleep again last night, it makes such a difference! I feel less grumpy ( THIS IS GOOD )... and I am feeling more positive too. Not about the sale, just life in general I suppose. Two more sleeps and Stew is home for the weekend... the kids are counting down, but not more than me! ...

AMANDA: ya gorgeous girl... go paint ya own friggin toilet walls... what a tart! Seeing as I can't afford a plane ticket right this minute, maybe I can swim? See ya in ...oh... about 5 years eh? LOL

I'm having fun... working on 3 pictures actually, doing "FAMILY" as well.
Summer seems to be over.. we have a cold wind this week, and it's getting nippy in the mornings too.... Ya I can cover up the fat bits with jumpers! That is the ONLY good thing about winter.
So, I really have been painting all day! My fingers hurt from the constant brush washing.....
Picked the kids up after school then nipped down to the Doctors to meet Steve and Lisa there. Steve had a nasty blackout and fall at work (slight ding on head) so he wanted to talk to the doc ... he's been prescribed blood pressure pills (He better bloody take them!)... I just can't see this ever ending for him.... he had a blood test too to check out why he's always tired. Such a worry when he's only 20... this has been a problem for 5 years now!
End of Day: The wellington 'buyer' finally fessed up to not having the money to buy the property~! Back to square one.
NSV: I've been quite good actually, not had anything evil today, kept my hands busy with painting. nite nite.


  1. After your finished your art painting can you drop by and finish painting our downstairs toilet walls? I started to paint there but now I am sick with a head cold :( bugger... See you at around lunch time? hehehehe.

  2. Ha ha Amanda.... Oh Chris...where is your sence of adventure???
    I need to paint the lounge and the hallway...hmmm and my bedroom... bah...oneday!!!
    Have to get new curtain tracks first...but If I do that then I HAVE to make the curtains that I already have all the stuff for... hahaha

  3. Wat did I read right 3 houses to sell ...bloody hell why do people even bother talk about a run around.....not long now before Stew will be home , is hard being apart at times...hope you continue to get a good nights sleep , this can make a world of difference...enjoy your day painting x

  4. hahahahahaaaaaaa. Oh well it was worth a try.

    PS - if you swim here you wont need to join a gym! :) All the more reason to come and paint my dunny! hahaha.

    Have a lovely day! xox

  5. Glad the Rescue Remedy is working, it amazing what a good nights sleep can do for our disposition.
    Have a great day!!

  6. Oh please send some of that weather our way - we're having a heat wave - nothing under 38 between now and next Tuesday, not quite sure how i'm going to cope!

    Glad to hear you had a good nights sleep - enjoy your painting!

  7. I can't believe your summer is almost over... but I guess that has to happen in order for me to have one! =)

    Good luck with your cool original artwork!

  8. ???

    These people that need to sell **3** houses before they can buy yours really have no business making an offer. They really shouldn't even be looking. What's the point?? They've wasted everyone's time. Is there no way for your Realtor to screen out losers like this?

  9. I really envy you your creative talent. I think my imagination must be pretty boring - well in some areas anyway. Maybe I'm just impatient.

    Enjoy your time in Auckland, and with the new bubs and I really hope I get to see you in a couple of weeks.

  10. Anonymous3:28 PM

    I love the painting idea using her maiden name, nice personal touch. I'm sure she will be thrilled with it.

    Hope you are having a great day

  11. Bugger about the buyers, but better to know now. Love your paintings :)

  12. Re: Steve... has he had his thyroid checked? An under-active thyroid can cause tiredness.

    I went to some markets the other day and say some "word" signs (not as nice as yours) and my favourite was JOY.

  13. Goodness I hope your son is alright. Nice to hear you are finally getting some sleep. Do hope someone falls for your house soon. Say it's not so "Summer is Over". Take care.

  14. Sorry your summer is over, but I'm happy spring is almost here in the states.


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