Tuesday, March 04, 2008


Last night I spoke to the BOSS Man from our Real Estate Agency, told him of our concerns about the Agent handling our listing... seems she hasn't done anything about intensive marketing of our house over the next 3 weeks as requested, has not done a Marketing Plan as requested, has not rung us, in fact has buggered off for a week to some horse show... so the upshot is we sacked her and the BOSS MAN is taking over, starting this morning.
He's bringing all his agents through the house again this morning, getting them all up to speed on selling this house.... and he is getting onto the BIG PUSH for us! So, if the Wellington Dickhead does not make an offer soon, his loss. We shall continue on with a better Agent.... and do all we can to SELL THIS HOUSE! I'm feeling really good about this change in Agents. Should have done it sooner in fact. Hindsight eh?

What else? Gunna start a new painting, doing one for a teacher at school who taught and cared for both our littlies, going to have "FAMILY" on it. She is lovely so it will be a 'Thank You' gift to her from us... probably work on two actually, the other one is going to say 'Wishful'..... it's so much fun!


Been a busy day... went and got more supplies for pictures, had lunch with Chris D while her hubby was at the hospital, home for a quick Nana Nap, Mike visited and did some skating on the driveway.... picked up the kids and took them for haircuts.

Home and.... decided to order me some skates!!!! OOOO I am so excited! They should be here in 2-3 weeks, coming from Canada.
They are AGGRESSIVE Outdoor Skates... and I think they are bloody awesome! They cost a fortune, and I don't bloody care.
Where is Stew when I need him???? Brylee just threw up all over her bed, and I am bloody hopeless when it comes to spew, I end up spewing myself. So, washing is on, Bry's in bed with a bucket and I'm in the lounge with me tummy churning.
End of Day: it's been quite eventful, no contract to be seen... GRRRRR. But, we are still optimistic.
NSV: I didn't have to cook dinner, we had leftover casseroled chicken... which is HEALTHY ... nite nite.


  1. You did the right thing ... I would have sacked the agent too!! Sounds like pure laziness to me!

    Hope this guy is better!

  2. Glad you have a good feeling, hope it pays off.
    Wishful - thats a good one!!

  3. Have you had your blood pressure checked lately?? I am sure it must be thru the roof with all this stress with the house happening...
    I hope you finally get somewhere now!!!

  4. Pleased to hear the agent has been given the boot! About time as it doesn't sound like selling homes is top on her priority list. Hopefully a bit of new blood on the job will do the trick.

  5. Good luck with the new agent. I'm sure you'll get much better results now. I love the sign ideas.

  6. Sounds like things are moving in the right direction now.
    RE your comment-I did tell about my past life-a couple of days ago in my blog "50 unknown facts about me"-inspired by CAT :)

  7. I hope you get better results from the new guy coming in. Have fun with your paintings, I might have to try creating something like that one day. :) Amanda xox

  8. Good for you for sacking the agent - she sounds like a hopeless troll :) GOOD LUCK!!!

  9. oh gosh, I could have written that post about 7 mths ago. Sounds exactly like the agent we originally had. I can really sympathise with how friggin frustrating this whole things is getting and to be honest its almost like an action replay of my own situation before selling. (except our agent didn't go to a horse show) she buggered off on a 10 day cruise without even mentioning it, AND without sorting out a backup to take enquiries in her absense. Grrrrr (makes me annoyed just thinking about it again)lol.
    Anyway, here's a promise, when the house is finally sold and you are all comfy in a new home in Auckland, I will drive up to Akl and take you out to lunch to celebrate. Things always seem so rewarding when the struggle to get something has been difficult. I know the process is tough but you will get to Akl and once your there we WILL do lunch to celebrate. Hey, maybe Lynda can come too as she is up there, we can make a girls afternoon of it.

  10. I am sure the BOSS man will TCB!!!!! ( Take care of business....in case you didn't already know that! hee-hee)


    I will keep you posted on whether or not MM is stupid enough to ask me to hang with the obnoxious couple again! :)

  11. Anonymous12:59 PM

    YAY for the new agent, he already sounds alot more motivated.

  12. Anonymous1:24 PM

    Sometimes you've gotta call the boss man to get anything good to happen!
    Whenever I have to call a service number and I can't get the agent to give me what I want I ask for a supervisor... and typically get whatever I've asked for!

    Hopefully this is the turning point!

  13. I hope the new agent works out better and gets a buyer for you!!

    Those skate look cute. I used to skate a lot as a kid as we had a roller rink and not much else to do in our small town. It was fun. I haven't tried the inline skating but want to this summer.

  14. Can we have some pictures of you in the roller skates after they arrive???

    Good luck with the new agent

  15. good luck with the new agent.. a change is good in a way! it will sell soon keep being positive honey! can't wait to see a pic of you in the skates


  16. About time you got a new agent!

  17. Very flash skates :)

  18. Anonymous7:39 PM

    ooh your skates look similar to mine ... although mine were cheap ... I picked them up at the Otaki Sunday markets on my way to Palmy a couple of years ago ... for $6.00! yes six bucks LOL the lady who sold them was wrapped she probably thought she'd only get a couple of bucks for them LOL I think there is a rink in Palmy - my niece goes up there for skating competitions so there must be a club at least!

  19. Oh yuk... I hope Bry is better real soon....

  20. Good for you getting rid of that Agent. Sorry to hear Brylee is sick, hope she is feeling better soon. Too bad about the spew! Those skates look very interesting. All the best for a better day.

  21. ooh! bye-bye agent! We have talked to several agents trying to look at houses. I swear, some of them are crazy! Others just seem unorganized and lazy. Who knows, someone might have expressed interest in your house and their agent may not have put in the paperwork yet. We had that happen to us! Grrr!

    Good luck!


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