Tuesday, September 04, 2007


How come, when I have nothing of any interest to say, my blog was gawked at OVER 500 times yesterday???? That just blows me away!

So, today I am going to be much much happier, so there! I have woken up much more clear headed, and I am feeling way better.. I even went upstairs first thing today to make the wirless router work again... we have lots of problems with that.

The kids have a short school day today as it is Parent/Teacher Interviews.... so here's hoping I remember the little buggers and don't get rung from school to come and get them like last time, ha ha ha.

I plan on going into town today, pay a bill or two and get another hair dye.... I don't suit yellow me thinks! I am seriously thinking of going much darker.... oooooooo decisions! later .....


  1. Terrible news about Lyns SIL... My thoughts are with them all..
    Have a good day Chris... ohhh and yes.. go darker... hehe..
    Blue/ black.. mwhahahahaha

  2. Just as well they don't all comment - you'd never get through them all!

  3. Can not wait to see photos of your hair! of course you had 500 hits of your blog yesterday, we love to hear what you are up to! even if it is nothing of interest!

  4. Dreadful news for Lynn and family. How sad.

  5. See what a superstar you are Chris. I love reading your blog - you have a way with words - lol.

    So sorry to hear about Lyn's SIL. What a sad time for them all.

    Can't imagine you with dark hair. Look forward to seeing photos.

    Have a great day and don't forget to pick up the kids!!

  6. My thoughts are with Lyn and her family, that is just terribly sad news...

    Poor Griffin, tough lil bugga!!!

  7. Why 500 views? 'cause alot of people care what happen to you silly rabbit!

  8. That's so sad to hear about Lyn's sister. I feel quite down about that.

    I hope the dark blonde comes out okay mate.

    Last day on detox. Yes. I actually did it.

  9. Hmmmm I dyed my hair in the weekend and it's a fair bit lighter, and no-one has noticed! Can't wait to see yours. Harder to go darker when you've got blonde hair though aye. I find it washes out (even if a permanent colour) after a few weeks.

  10. How terrible for Lyn and her family. I can't even imagine the pain they're going through right now. It puts things in perspective when it comes to whining about piddly things in life!

    Poor Griffin! You and your family have been having a heck of time lately! I think you all need to prop your feet up, chill out with some movies and relax!

    Can't wait to see the hair color!

  11. Oh poor lyn that is terrible for her family.

    Wow that leg looks sore poor wee man.


  12. Your hair looks great and the life back in your eyes. I am so glad that you are feeling better.

    Thoughts and prayers are now being sent over to Lyn.

  13. Sorry to hear about your friend, hope everything is okay.

    A new hair colour is always good.

  14. You do have more colour in your face thank goodness. Glad you are on the mend.
    (My thoughts are with Lyn and family xx)

  15. Love the hair Chris.....much more flattering than the yellow. Even better was the cost!! Good to see you looking much healthier too, just don't overdo it!!!! LOL

  16. Will say a prayer for Lyn......funny reading your blog I am doing the same this week not focusing on points and bingo same result no over eating and no hunger pains ...enjoying while it lasts..have a gr8 week

  17. Like the hair colour... But you still lookin pale girly...

  18. That was me.

    I kept popping over to see what the goss was.


    Now again, Chris - you are a beautiful lady. Will you farking SMILE and be DONE with it? :PPPP

  19. I know what you mean about not focussing on 'dieting'. Trouble is, I must start thinking about it somewhere along the way of 'not thinking about it' and I'm back to square 1 again!
    Thoughts go out to Lyn.

  20. ohhhh poor Lyn's SIL, very sad news.

    You looking better, take care, no overdoing it....and heyyyyyyyyy don't forget the kids ehhh!!!

  21. Hey, it is Karen in Roma, your hair does look great! My prayers are with lyn and her family. you are one of the best bloggers, good for a laugh, and down to earth. no wonder so many hits in a day. keep up all the good work. cheers.

  22. My fingers are crossed for your friend - that is terribly sad.

    That bruise is rough - poor Griffin!

    Glad to hear you're feeling better and 'eating like a normal person' =)

  23. What horrible news. Hope things work out for them. Now thats quite a bump on the leg. You are Ms Popularity 500 wow.

    Hope you are starting to feel better. Take care.

  24. Oh no about the SIL... that's just terrible....

    500 peeps check your blog! Wow.. you're popular!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I think I have only 30 to 50 a day... I'm pretty boring tho....

    Yer hairs look great... I like it....

    ugh... I hate food... hate it!


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