Monday, September 17, 2007


You get no prizes for guessing why! It's the last week of school before the holidays... booo hoooo! Though, I think we are going up North for the first week, Stew's Dad will be *90* on the 25th so might go to visit him, it will depend on how he is.

Last night, Steve and Lisa were here for hours, and they played 'Hide and Seek' with Brylee and Griffin.... lots of fun..... and I found THE BEST place to hide Bryleee:

Inside the washing machine! Griffin could not find her for sure!

TODAY: Kids to school, potter around at home tidying up various areas.... try not to pig out!

In the last 6 weeks, what with one thing and another... I have only had 4 days of NO BLEEDING.... and now... I've woken up with TOM !!! And I feel like crap, sore back, sore tummy, headache... I am so OVER being a girl!!!! I swear to god, if I could rip out my uterus with me bare hands I would. So there! And for the few blokes who read my blog, thank your lucky stars you don't have to put up with this crap...


  1. LOL love the hiding spot, bugger about TOM!

  2. What a great hiding spot! Never thought of that one as a kid. Maybe thats why I sucked at that game though!! LOL!

  3. For some reason I think someone has asked this before but would a hysterectomy help with the bleeding? I think you have answered this already he he he.

    So ya going to come and have a coffee with me when you come up?


  4. Hehe great hiding spot! Bummer about TOM...mine is due soon too, probably explains the foul mood I've been in!

  5. That is a great hiding place!

  6. Haha love the hiding spot.... bugger about not feeling the best.

    Take care

  7. Thats awesome about hide and seek...when I was a kid playing with dad, my brother and I would be small enough to hide in the kitchen cabinets....

  8. Gee that is a bit rough, only 4 days? What can be done about this??

    Love the hiding spot!!

    Enjoy your lunch....I LOVE chocolate:)

  9. I enjoyed the pics from yesterdays post. I have a "cat room" that I have a treadmill in and a bike, along with a tv (to encourage me ) to get on the tread mill. I so need to do some thing else with that room. Yours looks so nice and neat and clean.

    UGHHHH I am envious!

  10. My son has hid in the drying but that kind of freaked me out...thought he'd get stuck in there.
    Bummer about you feeling icky and hope you feel better soon.

  11. ... Here's to hoping you didn't start that washing machine ...

    That time of the month is Reason No 1 I'm glad I'm not female. Reason No. 2: All that emotional stuff.

  12. Great hiding place. Loved your photo's from the prvious post.

    Sorry your not feeling well again,Iv'e forgotten what it's like as I havn't had TOM for oh about 3 years - thank god!!

  13. I know she's such a shrimp - but I still can't believe you managed to get her in there.

    Buggar about TOM mate. Totally sucks and I know how you feel.

  14. What an easy way to bath a kid!!

    Hey - hope you are ok??

  15. LOL at the hiding place! Maybe you'll get a whole blood-free week soon??

    Poor Mike, getting emotionally blackmailed into picking up the kids hehe Guess there really is a silver lining to every cloud aye!

    Loved yesterday's post too, btw, too funny!

  16. you crack me up. I hope you are ok, just be careful girly. and milk it as much as you can, after all what good is man , without woman.?? talk to ya. K

  17. Really enjoy your posts Chris.....makes my life seem dull. All I seem to do is walk ROFL!!!!!!I have a goal in mind and this is the first time for years that I have felt so determined to get there. :) And yes we did go round the bloody block tonight. My walking is rubbing off on the man of the house.......his Dr will be pleased LOL
    Take care & yep maybe get that blood test!!!

  18. Ha ha are pure pure evil... and i loves it to bits... hahaha

  19. Fantastic hiding space!! I wish I was that skinny to fit in there when Reece wants sex!! lol
    Bugger about the bleeding ... I hope all this settles down soon ...

  20. Is that child abuse putting Brylee in the bloody washing machine? LOL how funny, you crack me up!
    Glad you didn't bleed to death.
    LOL at what you told Mike. Has to have it's uses.

  21. Oh man.... I can't believe your lady troubles! Hopefully after TOM you're done bleeding for 28 days? I hope so!

    Don't sweat the choccies too much, you've had a rough go of it!

  22. Another busy weekend for you. Hope your tummy is feeling better soon. My kids used to love play hide and seek. Your picture brings back memories.

  23. Great hiding place! I wish *I* thought of that when I was a kid, haha.

    As for your constant *bleeds* Goodness, I really do feel for you. I hate it once a month, so I can really sympathise with you having to put up with it almost constantly.

    I hope you are able to get this problem sorted as you really shouldn't have to continue with things as they are :-(

    Take care hun...


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