Thursday, September 20, 2007


My grumpiness is over, today I go to work at the Hospice Shop... yipee!!! And apparently Steve is coming back to finish off the windows and roof too... we will see.....

Brylee is going on a class trip out to a Dairy Farm.... I would have liked to have gone too but work is hope she has a neat day trudging around cows! I like cows! Weird eh? Not much else to yak about right now.... waiting for me latte in bed....


  1. mornin! All three drains are the same length, its just the left and right were only draining the front part of the wound, they were about a foot inside and two feet hanging out, its the centre drain (which is still in) that goes right round the back its only hanging out about a foot so yeah theres about a couple of foot in me - grosssssssssssss - man it still grosses me out, but ah well - too late to be worrying about it now eh? LMAO!

    Mum's taking me out for a coffee/lunch today ... woohoo another outing with no knickers! it only takes 21 days to start a habit ya know LMAO!

  2. HAVE A GR8 Thursday. I am waiting fora girldriend to phone and pick her up spend most of day with her.

  3. Was that the kids school where the 9 yr old went beserk???

    Glad you're not grumpy no more. So what goodies will you bring home today.

  4. Love the earrings - are they very heavy?

  5. Love your purchases. You sure know how to shop LOL !!!!
    Bet the kids big & small will love that car. Good to hear you enjoying your day :)

  6. You bargain hunter!! Pleased to hear the grumpiness is over, maybe it was looking forward to shopping that did that!

  7. Anonymous3:42 PM

    oh my god i love those earrings! they are farking brilliant!!! :)


  8. I have a friend who lives near a dairy farm. I like to ask her about cows all the time. And cows are really funny.

    And that car looks like fun!

  9. Sorry Chris!!!! I shouldn't complain about 10 days without nookie, and here you are 5 weeks.... I'm going nuts about now.... and couldn't even imagine how I'd be after 5 weeks!!

    You have my admiration chicky!!!

    Hope you are feeling better too... and hope you had a good day today. You certainly got some nice bargin today at the shop... good on you!!

  10. Ohhh I lurve the earrings!

    Great photos!

  11. Good buys mate. Love the earrings. Reminds me of Christine Rankin.

    Transformers. All I can say is glad you have older kids. Josh has so many here but do you think I can transform anyone of them. That's what dads are for I reckon.

    Nite, nite, and I hope you have a good sleep.

    PS I'll wave to you on the way back from Auckland.

  12. I love seeing all your photos!

  13. Ohhh pretty earrings, I like very much!

  14. Hey there... love the look of the transformer... earrings are pretty cool too

  15. Ahh boys they never grow-up, they always have their toys. Lovely earings. Sounds like you had a good day. Congrats on declining dessert.

  16. Wow - you did well with the major bargains there!

    I love the earrings. They really suit you :-)

    As for the Chinese takeaway, oh well, tomorrow's another day and at least you really enjoyed it!

    You are right to be feeling virtuous for having resisted dessert. All things in moderation, huh?


  17. Mary Higgins Clark (the book you brought) is my ALL TIME FAVORITE writer.. sooo cool.

    Hey is it this Sunday for coffee?



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