Saturday, September 08, 2007


Another lovely day, girlfriends coming for morning tea, totally expect Janene to have had another great loss... she is doing so well! How I wish I could get my act together and start losing these friggin extra kilos..... but lack of exercise is not helping, and boredom is the pitts.

This is how I feel right now, I can't do anything without feeling puffed and weak, how long is this going to last?????

Abba: HA HA, you are funny mate... morning tea is just a drink of something and a snack at around 10 does not mean having a drink of 'tea' necessarily. And it's not a ritual type thing, it's just a break between breakfast and lunch..... some call it 'smoko' too....

Morning tea is over, had another lovely meeing... Janene was the only one to lose weight this week... she is doing well! The rest of us are just in 'holding' mode I reckon, waiting for summer to spur us on! Bring it on, summer and sunshine....

Above, a cute photo I took last night of the guys and Izzy watching rugby.. Stew is in 7th heaven, the World Cup has finally started!
2.30 pm... I had a nanna nap! Stew is outside waterblasting the paths, windows etc.... it doesn't take long for them to look yukky over winter. It is almost "Spring Cleaning" time, and I am seriously considering getting a cleaning company in to do the big stuff not up to it, and even though Mike is a fine, healthy teenager, he is bloody useless when it comes to helping around the house !!! Another pig in the making.... *SIGH*.

End of a quiet day.... I have been very good, no rushing around... just taking it easy. It is hard, but I'm coping! Lovely casseroled Lamb Chops for dinner.... NSV Today: None really! nite nite.


  1. Being from the states, I don't know much about 'having people over for morning tea'. I have heard many cultures use the same term before. Could you please explain it to me? Please don't laugh, I truly want to know. Do you really have tea, or is this an expression you use for something else?

  2. Have a gr8 day Chris...ya flowers and Barcardi was a lovely thought(bought tears to me eyes)..perhaps I should let someone read my blog do ya think...I think not it would go over his head any way.

    Give Janene a Pink Elephants hug when the scales drop again for me she is doing so well

  3. Morning tea, mmm, sounds very civilised, lol.

    We have "afternoon tea" over yer in the UK, though it usually does involve a cup of tea! Haha...

    ...oh, and a cake of some sort ;-)

    Not good for the ol diet!

  4. How long will the fatigue and weakness last? Uh...a few weeks probably.

    Or you could go get those injections.... *ducks*

  5. Have a great weekend Chris.....morning tea many moons ago when the kids were little a group of us used to meet about 10am and sometimes there was no tea in sight...or cofee for that matter. From memory one friend used to give us all something out of a bottle.....wonder what it was!!!!!????ROFL and yes we had the kids in tow !!!! Not PC these days I bet!!!!

  6. Sounds like a great plan to get someone in to clean. I know you must be going stir crazy but by the time the warm weather hits you'll feel heaps better.

  7. I think that Canadians need "morning tea" - we might be happier folks. ;)

  8. Do you love your tea down under too? I've never been too much into tea but enjoy it on occasion. There is a afternoon tea up in Victoria, Canada at that empress hotel I think it is and they make a big deal out of it with all kinds of cakes and tea so I've heard. ha.
    Sound like you are not drinking tea at all, ha. We are into coffee here in the Seattle area. I especially like the vanilla lattes and also the cold mocha lt. frappachino's, ahhhh....but I've been laying off them lately due to not wanting the calories.

  9. Hey Chris - time to cut yourself some slack, you've been through a lot lately and when things get back to normal and you can exercise again those kilos will come off! Hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend.

  10. Oh come on I'm sure you had some NSV...Like not strangling the husband or kids or something....:D

  11. Funny, we just ate lamb for dinner this week, and it was imported from your fine country... so is that your grandson? He's soooo cute. What a sweet face he's got.



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