Sunday, September 02, 2007


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I am getting up..... to get my Darling Man a cuppa in bed... it's the least I can do eh? Maybe I won't do the big cooked breakfast, or the nookie (sad).... but I will make sure he knows I love him anyway!

I am one of the luckiest girls I know, cos I know Stew loves me totally and wholeheartedly, as I do him. We are lucky.

Ok, mushy stuff over.... Today: will be quiet ... for my own good. Maybe we will go for a nice "Sunday Drive".... dunno yet.

I'm happy! I found yesterday's comments in my e-mail box and just re-posted them ... OK, it looks like I did them all myself, but ya know I didn't eh! *BIG GRINS*
When I said it was going to be a quiet day... I wasn't kidding! I'm bored shitless.... we were going for a drive, but the weather is crap and there is nowhere to go that we havn't been already around here.... Stew and the kids are at the supermarket.... and I'm here getting all pissed off cos I can't get stoooopid Blogger to accept my videos. Damn it.

FINALLY... SUCCESS!!! I got a video to load... via You Tube not Blogger.... blogger sucks big time. But this means.... I can 'talk' to you!!! woooo hooo..... look out for more!

ON a final note for this blog entry.... my thoughts are with Sarah (private blog) who lost her darling Dad last Tuesday... I and many others are thinking of you sweetie. Hang in there, things will get better ... and good luck with the impending arrival of your wee man in two weeks. *BIG HUGS*

More of today will follow in the video post....


  1. Ok, so you can make a cuppa but that's all the work you can do today. It's hard to keep you down isn't it! Look after YOURSELF!!!

  2. Goodness. I don't check blogs in a while and everybody falls apart on me. Stop it. :)

    I'm sorry you had such a scare and glad all is well now. Get lots of rest. You deserve it.

    And screw the diet! I'll tell you what. I'll start dieting next week and you can pig out. It will even out the universe.



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