Thursday, September 06, 2007


So, me brain in just mush this morning, and I'm thinking of throttling Stew... friggin man set his alarm for 6 so he could do some exercise before work, but did he get up? No, the pain let his alarm go off every 9 minutes till 6.45... THEN he got up! So, I was awake at 6.... the shit.

I am going to 'work' today at the Hospice Shop, have missed it very much.... feel bad about not going last week and leaving them in the lurch... but it could not be helped.

Today: kids to school, quick walk with Izzy then off to work. Let me reiterate... The move to Auckland is only a "maybe" at the moment, it depends on if Stew gets offered the job, and if we decide to accept it.... it needs to be offering a bit more $$$$'s for us to consider it, as housing is so much more expensive up there! I have been looking on the net and to get a semi decent house, we will need to spend in the vicinity of $650,000 !!! So, it's a bit scary!!!


  1. Why do men do that, if you bother to set the alarm then at least GET UP ours goes off every morning at 5.45 but I don't have to be awak at that time do I ?? and why does my body clock automatically wake me at the same time, but the male can sleep on............I wonder, anyway you have a good day at work can't wait to see what you buy hee hee, I just love shopping wish my wallet loved it to!

  2. good morning have a great day at 'work'
    Did u enjoy the movie?

  3. Glad you got out for a walk yesterday, a bit of fresh air is what you need. This past week there's been a real cold bite in the air tho.

    Enjoy your day at Hospice. Hopefully you'll be on light duties.

  4. $650,000 hey... hmmm petty cash my girl.. petty cash.. haha
    have a to day lady... be good and enjoy work!

  5. OMG $650k?? Where the hell are you looking? I grew up there (ducks flying objects) and still have family up there... My mum sold one of her properties recently for $375k and bought one for $440k.... So all depends where you are...
    I know what you mean about the alarm but it's in reverse... I'm usually up by 5.45... but the man sleeps on. Yet if he gets up early, the alarm goes off again... and again... Grrr. Men.

  6. Men are shits aren't they? Yesterday, on the only day Tara decided to sleep in until 6am, David set his alarm for 5am, went off to work at 4.30am, and the damn thing went off at 5am and woke Tara up on the ONLY day she was STILL ASLEEP at that hour! What shits me most, is that when I told him, instead of saying he was sorry, he just shrugged!!! Grrrr..

  7. ooyyeee..
    $650,000 is a munch of bunney....

    houses sure cost a lot nowadays!!

    20 years ago.. I paid $85,000 for an adorable 1300 sq ft "Leave it to Beaver" house....w/ a picket fence...

    that same house is over $250,000 now...

  8. Holy Crap!! $650,000 for a house!! That is a bit scary... and here I am worried about having to spend $300,000 on a house. I hope it all works out for Stew and you get to move... than you can redecorate a new house!!

  9. My husband does that too. But I have gotten smarter than him.

    I set my alarm for him. I get up in the middle of the night to pee and turn his off. Hehe.

  10. Now that Trev is back in school I have to get up at 5:30am, I totally hate it.

  11. Yes, we will be friendly in Auckland - in fact, I'm sure we would end up great mates!! Where are you thinking of buying if you moved?

  12. hey, if they dont understand you not making it due to hospital visit, screw'em...

  13. Bet he won't be setting the alarm tomorrow and not getting up./

  14. My hubby does exactly the same thing and then he wants a bit as well. No chance at that hour of the morning!!!

    Good luck with the job opportunity.

  15. I reckon your volunteer work is helping them out when you spend money there he he he you are too funny.

    Come to Hamilton and let Stu drive to Auckland from here he he he I know I know you don't want to live in Hamilton again he he he but housing is lovely and less money too he he he. Just kidding.

    I am giving a mental kick for stu bloody men huh.


  16. Sure is damn cold!

  17. arrrgh yes, Auckland house prices. I don't envy anyone trying to buy property there.
    If you do end up looking up there, remember to check out the home sell site. (private sales) Thats where I found my parents new house and its gorgeous. (not to mention about $50,000 less then if they had to go through an agent).
    I guess I shouldn't knock Akl house prices too much as we (thankfully) bought properties when they were a lot cheaper and renovated them for rentals then really landed on our feet when the market shot throw the roof.
    I love property and think I almost have some good news on the farm. (but don't want to blog it yet until I receive official notification but I think it might finally be over)
    Now I can start looking for a rental. (aka, my next project,,,, lol, guess I'm a sucker for stress)

  18. what part of sit still and do nothing do you not get?... :)

    seriously though... what you've been through and still could with excessive bleeding etc.. you should be sitting still and not doing anything a whole lot more..

    believe me... it takes time for the body to rebuild up and that happens best when you're RESTING... so REST WOMAN... :)

    PS Iron injections and B12 injections are not pleasant.. BUT they do help the body rebuild faster.. so maybe you should consider it IF YOU'RE NOT GOING TO SIT STILL AND DO NOTHING :)

    PSS this opinion has been expressed with love.. and concern..

  19. ohhhh hunny, hope you didnt overdo things today. rest up now so that things dont have a chance to get worse again.

    ... Erica x

  20. Hi ya Chris........I have the matching candlestick holders to that bud vase LOL :) Well done on your purchases. Take care & maybe phone Dr to check if that bleeding should be happening. Not so sure myself!! Feet up for you my girl!!!! :)

  21. Maybe a phone call to the doc tomorrow??

  22. Hope you feeling better now...and all is well "down there" !! Rest up girl, call a Dr if bleeding persists..make sure ehhh?

    Take care,

  23. Hey *I* like the top...and teh crystal isnt bad either...

  24. Men hate here as well. DS still on summer schedule getting to bed at 2:40 in the morning when he needs to get up at 6:30. It's like trying to wake the dead. Silly bugger.

    You're salt shaker looks like a sugar dispenser. By the way I love salt too "Sea Salt" is my favorite.

    Geez I do hope you are alright and nothing bad is going on down there!

    Please relax, I know it is a difficult request, but do take it easy. Hope all is well. See you tomorrow.

  25. oh. I do that to my hubby. okay, okay...I'm seeing the annoyance!!!

  26. Haha, my alarm goes off at 6am everyday so that I can have my 'coffe hour' of me-time, then get out the door for a run by 7. I'm sure it drives the mister nuts as he gets up much later.

    Chris - I can't believe this ordeal you're going through with your lady parts. I hope it all gets sorted out, no fun at all!


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