Tuesday, September 18, 2007


This morning really early, someone left a wee package on our front doorstep... it is a Harvey's Real Estate Book, a covering letter from the Agent and a cute wee box of chocolates! Talk about pro-active!!! This was from one of the Real Estate Agents we met on the weekend, and she is most likely the one we will list our home with if we are moving! I liked her very much on Sunday, and for her to promote herself like this has just reinforced my decision.

What a nice start to the day.... Today: walk kids to school, then Janet is coming around so we can get some exercise up in my rumpus room.... neither of us feel like going for a walk outside (both got TOM) so that will be nice. Then I'm off into town to get a few bits and bobs...


  1. She is good!! Lovely personality as well and what a great promotion.

  2. loving your real estate person... definetly proactive... whereas here they're just bloody pushy...

    Just went thru all your blogs from thursday onwards coz I didn't have access to a puter... God you crack me up... and yes, laughing WITH you damnit, WITH you....

  3. Well she definatly knows how to market herself!

    Enjoy your day shopping, my favourite pastime:)

  4. Very good customer relations. What a nice idea!

  5. Well you know she is on to it then aye... and customer service and making you feel special... go with her!! It is all in the presentation sometimes isn't it and how they listen to what you want and not what they think you want.

    How exciting...

    So when will you find out about Stu?


  6. wow! she left chocolates?! i'd pick her too! =D all the best with selling your house?
    have fun shopping!

  7. I'm a licensed agent ....If I were married, I would do it full time...

    Find me a good hubby...and I'll sell your house!!!!

  8. redskins and steelers are football teams (washington and pittsburgh, respectively)... i'm a big fan and love watching it! :o)

    have a good one!

  9. um do you ever sit still? :p and you call me wonderwoman LMAO!

  10. So when are you moving. To the States?

  11. when someone's prepared to go that extra mile to get your business in the first place, you know she'll do the same to get you what you want.

    So did you and Janet have some choccies with your cuppa.

  12. Woo hoo Chris!!!! Thought you were resting!!!!!! Yep it is a great feeling seeing everything in its place. Wanna come do mine too?????? Just kidding...LOL

  13. Fully sympathise with you having to be up in the air re. the possibility of moving - been there and done that and it's bloody awful - especially if you're like me and like to having all organised and under control - and I suspect you're like that too! Anyway you need to get fully fit and healthy before you tackle a move!!

  14. Cleaning is a nice feeling, when it is done, actually I quite enjoy cleaning.

    Yep I tend to go grumpy at tea time, probably tiredness or the thought of cooking meals....*groan* the thought of cooking for the rest of my days isn't exactly appealing....I'm being grumpy now....hohoho

    Hugs to ya

  15. Omg... even your "before" photo of your comp desk is tidier than mine is now.. haha
    Mine looks like a bomb exploded on it!!!

  16. I do that too. I particularly get grumpy when I'm hungry. I'll get sullen and moody and snappy and then once I've had something to eat (not while I'm on this diet though - of course), I become a bit more human and have to apologise to people.


  17. That is certainly a nice way to start the day. Hope you get your wish to move. Sorry you'll have to wait a bit longer to find out.

    Nothing like getting the house in order to make you feel better. Hope it warms up tomorrow.

  18. How nice of the real estate lady to leave you some info, plus a box of choccies! What a nice touch :-)

    I hope you feel better for your cleaning spree!

    All the best...



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