Wednesday, September 05, 2007


Yep, 6 more inches, that's all it will take for Izzy to GET TO CHINA!!! I swear, my poor dog is so bored she had dug her way to China... so today I am going to take her for her walk....maybe not as far as we usually go, but I really have to get her out. Yesterday the bloody tart decided to 'help' me get the washing off the line too.... I was not impressed.

So, that's the plan so far, walk the kids to school, then rain/hail or shine I'm walking the dog. This will of course make the hair frizz so then I will have to straighten it... oh the joys of being a girl eh?

Stew is applying for another job (within his Company) in Auckland again... so on tenderhooks soon to see how it goes! Gawd I'm so nervous, we want to move so much, but I don't want to leave all my lovely friends here and in Wellington! I have NEVER felt so much love and support from 'girlfriends' before and it is so bloody nice! Wonder if the bloggers up in Auckland would welcome me?


  1. Awww, but I bet when Izzy put on her sad, puppy dog eyes... LOL

    As for the walking, I hope you do manage to get out with the dog. I really should up my walking too!

    I hope your week will be a good one!


  2. Oooh an impending move!!! Good luck to Mr Chris!!!
    Enjoy that walk, it's pissing down over here!!
    Your hair looks better, not as yellow.

  3. Hey what about us in the BOP and Hams area. You'd be a damn sight closer to us mate.

    Fingers crossed things go well for the job and you get your move.

  4. Welcome you??!!!
    we would throw a bloody big party!!! :o)

    Auckland needs more cheeky tarts like yourself.


  5. Love the hair.

    Fingers crossed for your move, I know how much you want back there!

  6. Watch out mate, nasty southerly rain heading your way!
    Don't know if I'm too happy about a pending move to Auckland...

  7. you all sound so bored....

  8. Hey Chris just as well you got your walk in (me too) as the black clouds are headed your way....just about to us and its got cold again. Hope the plans go well with the application to go north. Can sense how much you want it.
    Yep Jim thought i was a bits nuts too using the TREADMILL before bed wasn't a tramp......geez that'd kill me LOL. :)

  9. Hope you and Stew get your wish. You will be missed around Palmy though!!! Hair looks great!

  10. Looks like a nice walk with Izzy. Glad to hear you are up and about and feeling as good as can be expected.
    Good luck on the move. It's always hard to move and leave behind friends but I'm sure you'd make some quickly.

  11. friver walk looks nice

  12. ohh m & m's must have some calcium in them tho.. so all good!!!

  13. LMAO @ Mr Chris - just shows you who wears the pants in your family.

  14. I know just what you're feeling about the possibility of moving from your "comfort zone". My husband decided (with my permission of course!) to apply for a job away from our town. He ended up getting the job. It wasn't until this moment that I started threatening to stay put as I love where I live. A few months later, I've warmed ('heated') to the idea and can't wait to move. I move at the beginning of October. In other words, if your hubby does get the transfer, I'm sure you'll make the most of it and your fellow bloggers will go wherever you do!!!

  15. I think Lola wants a pool in our backyard. My my they can get up to some mischief. Hope you didn't have to rewash everything.

    Sounds like you are starting to feel better. Getting out and about always helps the spirit.

    Hope your day proves to be entertaining.


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