Thursday, September 13, 2007


Ahhh, had a much better night's sleep, thank goodness! I have work today..... needed to be bright and fresh.

I am going to concentrate on eating well today, my mood yesterday was suckful cos I knew I had eaten too much crap.... happens everytime I overeat...I get shitty with myself and feel awful. You'd think I would have learnt that lesson by now eh? Dumb tart.

So. ... today will be better. Today: kids to school, walk Izzy quickly then off to work.... and will try not to buy anything! Yeah right! But ya just never know !


  1. Hallow Chick,

    Oh yes we do know.....Chris will come home with goodies from the shop.....heehee

    My babies are such a pain in the butt but this morning they sure were a pain on me face I tell ya.

    I don't have bad hair days...well, sometimes but I have to say, I get MEGA 'BAD EYEBROW DAYS'.....Grrrr
    You should have seen me this morning, just getting so mad and rubbing those babies back of with SHEER GUSTO!...OUCH! My eyebrow AREA was soo red and sore and a tad swollen I have to say....teehee Ah well...heehee

    I really must take a before and after eyebrow pic for ya.
    You think my eyebrow saga cracks you up now....just wait till you see a before pic, now that will crack ya fear!

    Lins said I should wear a large pair of sunglasses so I can hide my babies....what a good idea!

    Okay hun, HAVE A SOOOPA DAY!!

  2. Enjoy your time at work!!!
    I have the state manager up for the day today... arghhhhh watches us like a hawk!!! But calls me Miss Efficient!! hahaha.. and says the rest of the guys are parasites...

  3. Awwwww I love Izzy - sooooooo cute!


  4. You'll find something at the shop!!!lol I love others peoples trash hehe

    I feel like shit and hate myself if I eat the wrong food too. Makes my tummy sick now tho. (ha, but that doesn't put me off)

    Have a neat day:)

  5. Awww - she is cute though!

    See you tomorrow - and my turn for food on Saturday!

  6. Shopping and food...both of those are my two weaknesses!!!! We are on the same page there.

    Hope you day went well after a good nights sleep !

    Cute pic!

  7. So happy that you managed to get a good nights sleep last night. Have a good one!

  8. That dog is too cute! I hope you did better with the not shopping thing than I......I am such a sucker for buying stuff! My new obsession is shopping online! It is just WAY too easy!

  9. Thinking I should send my dogs over to you for some exercise - Izzy doesn't realise how lucky she is to get walked every day!

    Glad you slept better!

  10. Today is a new day forget about the "suckful day" I am sure today things will go well.

    Wow hun that was not good at all not buying anything today he he he getting used to seeing photos of your Friday acquisitions lol.


  11. Yay for not buying anthing at the shop. I agree with you Izzy is cute, you could not stay mad at her with such an adorable face.

  12. Na na na na na ... come get me, kick by big hairy arse!!! *lol*
    I DARE YA!!!

  13. Dogs....don't ya just love them!!!!! Our one thinks she is human!!!!!
    What no buying today......I was sure you would have found a bargain..LOL
    Look forward to catching up tomorrow :)

  14. I've just found out they have a hospice shop here in town so I'll have to go and check it out and maybe I can find a few bargains like you bring home.

    Yeah, I'm sick mate, did come home. Damn pollen.

    Take the rest of the night easy.

  15. oh mannnnnnnnn, I was lookin forward aalllllllll day to see what delectables you purchased this week ... remember I dont have a life right now ... I need entertainment! *giggle* ... although I could look at pics of Izzy all day long she is so adorable! Cool Dude Griffin with ya cut mate! :)

  16. Anonymous6:17 PM

    i think im in love with that dog :)

  17. Anonymous7:37 PM

    is it ok when they are still backgrounds? i wouldnt want to freak everyone out lol someone might have a fit!!!

  18. Anonymous8:18 PM

    flappy flap.. go check my blog.. made u something! :)

  19. Hey gal, thank you so much for the ad LOL. That boy is gorgeous! His hair cut is exactly how my son shannon-john used to wear his when he was little. Cute. You have done well today, money is so hard to keep in the pocket hey. Take care. K

  20. Love the haircut - he's a bit of a looker!!!

  21. That dog is simply tooo tooo cute...

    and re: not feeling good after you eat too much...
    truly.. nothing ruins my day more than when I binge or "blow it"...

    Nice haircut, too.. he's adorable...

  22. Wow you didn't buy anything. Glad to hear you had a good day. Sorry that the kids are being bratty. Love that picture of Izzy.

    About that picture I posted. All things used in celebration of the Jewish New Year.

    The Ram's Horn (Shofar) is blown at the start of the New Year. The fruit and the honey represent the sweet year ahead.

    Think they would be a bit surprised that the horn was used for health purposes as you mentioned. Too funny.

    See you tomorrow.

  23. Cute haircut!! I'm going to check out your new blogger pal!


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