Friday, September 07, 2007


Looks like things have settled down there, so stop worrying... you should be worried about me hubby, cos I am ready to kill him!!!!

That bugger set his alarm for 6 again, I got woken up at 6, he did not get up till 6.20 am then he had the audacity to actually go pee and get back into bed!!!! So, I sit up in bed with me lap top and he packs a shit at me! "He" might as well get up then, cos I am keeping him awake ! Fuck, what an arsehole... I explain about it being his fault I am wide awake and how if he's going to set the alarm he really should go do his exercise.. and he bleats about being tired..... and how he wont set his alarm again then.... I give up trying to reason with him... and then the prick goes and gets up .....after throwing his nightwear on the bed and stomping off. MEN !

Am I being unreasonable to expect him to actually get up if he's set the bloody alarm? At least if he does I can go back to sleep till 7... cos I'm being kept awake by the alarm going off every bloody 9 minutes when he doesn't eh? Grrrrrr, nice way to start the day...THANKS STEW!

Today: kids to school, take scooter for it's maintenance check up, walk around in town for an hour or so, pick up scooter, home to do some housework I suppose!


  1. Anonymous7:30 AM

    must be a guy thing, eric does the same thing... hits the snooze like 4 times! turn it off or get up already! so frustrating... :-p

  2. MEN!! Tell me about it! Don't they just pee you off sometimes.

    Do you really think you should be doing as much walking and housework? Personally, I don't think you should, at least, not until you are completely well again because the bleeds might just flare up again.....take time out and just pamper yourself i.e long baths with gorgeous oils, body scrubs, face masks....the list is endless....just chill and let someone else do the housework and get the kids to and from school....why has it always got to be you??

    Look after yourself eh??

    Hugs to you hun

  3. good morning Chris I was very pleased to see u update this morning was worried about ya over night...the way that bleeding is etc...wish I was closer I could help ya out
    Instead of walking around town while scooter is being checked I suggest a nice long coffee or a massage something less vigourous walking even if it is around shops might be a bit much...I know u r a tough old bird and shrug ya shoulders at a wee walk BUT listen to your body girl.

    ok lecture over have a great day hope its nice up there as it is here

  4. I must be mad - beacause I like the hour between the alarm going of and me having to get up, I read a bit, doze a bit and just slowly wake up.

    Men though - they do make you wonder...

  5. I'd be pissed too. The boy does the same thing. Sometimes I pull the covers off of him if it goes on for too long! I will say I've done the 'snooze button' game a few times, but he sleeps like the dead. Nothing wakes him up!

    I'm glad you're feeling better. We won't hesitate to tell you to get your ass to bed if we feel like you're doing too much! We're a bossy bunch, we bloggers are!

  6. North Shore huh... I'm actually jealous as I love it over there. We thought about moving over there but Stu needs to be at his work so often (as he owns it) that it would not really be practical right now. Still, there is always Whitianga right?

  7. Hey chick...Housework will still be there when you are well enough.. It doesnt go anywhere...haha mine is still waiting for me..
    I have my mum in town at the moment... but she isnt well either so I wont be getting anything done any time soon.. But I can accept that!! haha...
    Nothing like living in a chaotic house!!!
    And... Chris... I am just me.. I am not a legend.. you have done it all too girl!!! I'm just a fat girl trying to break out of my fat suit... This is going to be a life long thing.. and I hope blogging will be too.. ;o)
    take care and have a top day...

  8. Bloody hell you are quick.... hahaha Cheecky wench...

  9. I agree, housework can wait. Hope you are feeling much better and have a lovely weekend xx

  10. I won't let it happen anymore. He sets his for 620am and I can sleep till 650am. HE ALWAYS ends up getting up at 650am anyways. ALWAYS. I always tell him that I have my alarm set for 650am - and he says "I need to get going earlier than that.."

    And then I proceed to either turn off his alarm during the night or unplug his bloody clock.

    We're still married - LOL.

  11. Sheesh, woman! You shouldn't be doing ANYTHING. Except lying on the couch being waited on... I know it's boring, believe me, but I've learned the hard way that taking time to recover properly is important.

    Is there someone who can help out getting the kids to and from school? A neighbour, or another Mum, maybe?

  12. That would bug me about the alarm. If he's not going to get up till 6:30 or 7 then set it for when he really needs to get up. None of this beeping noise going off all the time or he's in another room sleeping, ha!
    Hope you are doing better and and taking it easy. Takes a while to heal sometimes.

  13. I'm always the one that wakes up first. My man is definitely not a morning person. But is definitely a snorer - and he's getting worse.

    After what you went through last week you need to keep a close watch on what your body's telling you. And you're doing that.

    I really hate to say this but it is school hols again in two weeks and you need to be healed by then. And I'm not being a smartarse either, I'm dreading it myself.

  14. **pokes stew in the eye n runs off** teeheee

  15. Men!!! Bloody hopeless, here I was thinking Stew was perfect...
    Good to see you are taking it easy, plenty of time to get to the gym later
    have a good weekend:)
    E x

  16. Thank goodness we don't use an alarm clock. We seem to be lucky in that once we say what time we want to wake up then that's what happens...weird I know!!!!! Have a great morning tomorrow with the 'girls'. :)

  17. Babe I don't think you know what taking it easy is aye he he he...

    It means not two walks in one day hmmmmmm.


  18. Just put the alarm on the opposite side of the room ... then you GOTTA get up!

  19. Lol - MEN!!! Even worse, my DH eventually gets out of bed and DOESN'T turn his alarm off so it still goes off every 9 minutes but somehow it's always my fault too.

    Glad to hear everything is ok and you're taking things slowly. Hope you have a great weekend.

  20. Awwwww - he is beautiful, now you have to retract the arsehole comment!! hehe *waves* Hi Stew!!

  21. R the dog box is such a great place lol.
    Love the bag, very cute.
    Have a good nite :)

  22. Aww, what a sweet man. You'll just have to forgive him his grumpiness - don't forget he's had some stress to deal with too. He's probably been worried sick about... oh, I don't know - somebody.... ;-)

  23. Chris....Thanks so much for the invitation. maybe next saturday :) Got a surprise Birthday tomorrow during the day otherwise I would have come into town. Thanks again.....see ya :)

  24. LOL at Stew and his 'offerings'. Will miss catching up with you all tomorrow morning! Will be around next week though and looking forward to that.

    Take it easy Chris (I always feel like I'm saying that to you!) relax and have a fun weekend. Hope the alarm is turned of in the weekend....!!

  25. Geez I was going to say something awful about your guy then he goes and redeems himself! Good to hear all is well in the nether regions. Let me repeat again "take it easy". Take care and be good!

  26. You girls suffer so much. I feel your pain...

  27. What a cute, little bag. It's adorable! Mind you, I do have a handbag fetish anyway, haha.

    Sorry to hear about your problems down below. I hope things clear-up soon. Until then, try and take it easy :-)



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