Monday, September 24, 2007


The sanitation system is still 'down', so we are pissing in a bucket still... boys outside in the bush!!!!!! AND there is no cellphone coverage out there either.. we really are staying in the WOP WOPS!!!! But, it is lovely out there, bush and birds, beach is gorgeous too!!!

WE are now in town, using SIL's computer again before heading off to visit Stew's Dad and then go to St Lukes Square Shopping Center... oooo shopping centre!!! If I can connect to a Telecom hotspot I will put some photos up.....

And by the way, you are all cheeky buggers!!!! Carmen, yep you are lucky mate, and Ness.... what is wrong with buckets anyway????? HUH HUH??? (secretly, I hate having to pee in one !).... at least we CAN use the loo for NO# 2"s !!!! Right, better go for now....

I'M IN HEAVEN.... I found a HOTSPOT in St Lukes Shopping Mall..... and I can use my own computer!!!! I love it!!!!! Anyway, I digress.... above, a pic of me Sister in law and one of her incredibly UGLY cats... She has another one whick is black that decided to sleep with me last night! Stooooopid animal!

Above, the house in the sticks... and below a picture of the stream and wee waterfall that runs through the property... it really is a beautiful place.... just wish the sanitation system was not so ...... basic!

We have been and visited Stew's Dad this morning, he had another fall in the night and so is being moved from the Rest Home section to the High Dependency Unit soon..... poor old bugger. Right, time to go have some lunch.....

Have had a lovely day, Father-in-law isn't too bad... should have a nice lunch with him tomorrow for his *90th* birthday!!!! Went SHOPPING in St Lukes ... got a *few* things..... ha ha ha. Had a ticky tour around and we are now heading back out to the "sticks and buckets".... oh don't ya just envy me!!!! Won't be able to update again today, seeing as we are heading into the DARK AGES.... so nite nite.!'


  1. Oh, it does look like a beautiful place.
    Hope Stew's Dad is OK.

  2. Ewww, I hate cats...

    Shame about the buckets hehe!!

    Enjoy your shopping:)

  3. Yeah you would think the basics like that they would bloody well sort it out aye... ewwwww

    How beautiful it must be to be out there though.

    Sorry I missed coffee on the way up.

    I HOPE I get to see you on the way back home babe!! Would love it


  4. Buckets?

    What ever happened to a good ol fashioned squat?

    Piss in the breezzzze! LOL

    P.S. That waterfall is gorgeous.

  5. Somehow, the days of coping with BASIC facilities seem to be behind us...

  6. Hi Chris - I hope you are having fun up here in Auckland. If you want to meet up sometime for a coffee or whatever then email me at

    I realise you'll be busy so only if you have time :)

  7. OK, I love cats, but that is one UGLY cat.... and to have one sleep with you... I bet you weren't oo impressed. House in the sticks looks great - peaceful... pit about having to pee in a bucket though!! EEEWWWWW.

    Enjoy your time away!! Hope Stew's dad is going to be OK.

  8. Incredibly ugly cat is right!!

    Sorry to hear about Stew's dad. Good you are there to visit though.

  9. You are much braver then I am, but good on you for not whinging about the sanitation system.

    I hope FIL feels well enough to enjoy his party.

  10. Gorgeous place... but dont like the thought of peein in a bucket.. my luck i would fall in it.. or fall off it... ewwwwwwww
    With the amount I drink...wouldnt be pretty... Hope you are enjoying your time away....

  11. Anonymous12:41 AM

    It sounds like you're faring fairly well in the wild wilderness...congratulations to you as I don't know if I could be so brave...hope you have a fun adventure...

  12. That is a rather odd looking cat!

    That area looks so lush and tropical, I'm envious!... well, except for the peeing in buckets part! ;)

    Hope your FIL has a terrific 90th birthday!

  13. SOunds like a wonderful place - minus the bucket. Never really was a fan of that. :) Don't sit too long - you don't want a ring around the tushie.

  14. Great photos!! It sure looks like a beautiful place to stay :-)

    Glad you are having a nice time. Enjoy your shopping ;-)

    I hope Stew's dad will be well enough to celebrate his 90th and that you all have a lovely time!


  15. Looks like a lovely place away from it all. But too bad it can't have a working toilet and internet and the amenties of the modern world. yikes.
    Glad you are having a good time other than that.

  16. Wiping with newspaper or leaves??? hahahaha!!

    I remember the last time I went camping on a religious retreat and they forgot things like TP.


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