Saturday, September 22, 2007


But .... not yet! Got the 'girls' coming for our get together this morning, then maybe I'll get stuck into packing ready to go North tomorrow!

Got the same old worry about going away... hoping the big boys will remember to feed Izzy and take her for walks... it's really a problem! I get so frustrated knowing I have to worry about her being neglected! Friggin boys!!! Anyway, onward.... sure today will be nice.

Hey, just realised there is white... wonder if it will show u?


  1. Thanks Stew!!!! It's not raining here yet!!!! Howeverit is really really cloudy and not so warm as we have had. Have a great morning with the 'girls' and say Hi from me :) I am off too for a few days, Wed - Sun so wont be around next saturday either. Hope the trip North goes really well. Poor Izzy!!!! Tarsha is off to her doggie motel....LOL Luckily she loves it there and they spoil her I'm sure!!

  2. Have a good trip, hope you get some sun, enjoy the school hols especially the sleep ins! lol

  3. Have fun on your trip tomorrow!! Yeah I agree it's quite in blogland today. You had sun?? Lucky tart!! It's been raining here non stop ALL DAY!!

  4. Have a wonderful trip away! Hope life starts going a wee bit better for you:-)

  5. I just love to read your blog. izzy is so beautiful. good shot of stew there.LOL. enjoy your trip away old chick. K

  6. Awwwe Izzy is just soooo GORGEOUS!!....MMMMMMMWAH! I just love doggies.
    She looks funny the way she is lying down...teehee.

    Glad the girls perked you hun!

    Enjoy your trip......AHEM! Did you step on those scales??

    Hugs hun x

  7. No sun here today either, very yucky weather. Have a nice trip. Nice photos of Stew's arse!! hehe

  8. Hope you have a top time away...

  9. Awwww, Izzy looks sooooo cute the way she is peering through the opening of her enclosure with a cuddly toy in her mouth. Bless her...

    As for your trip; I hope you have a fab time and that you take LOTS of photos too!

    Have fun!



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