Sunday, September 30, 2007


Hell's Bells, we have slept in ... and because it's now Daylight Saving Time the clock says 9.30 am! While I could have slept on I kinda thought I better check in here so you silly tarts don't go thinking something is wrong with me!

Looks like it's a lovely day out there, don't have any plans but hopefully the day will be lovely. later, I'm staying in bed for now....


  1. Hi, Good Blog :)
    Look from Quebec Canada

    WWG :)

  2. Maybe you could send Stew over to do my laundry?

  3. Dont you just hate it when you get back from holiday and have all the washing to do, it seems to take forever, but I do love holidays.
    Wish I had a laundry fairy though :)

  4. Gotta love keeping up to date with the laundry...
    Ohh daylight savings... cool...
    I luuuuuuurv daylight savings....
    Ate something I shouldnt have at lunch time when we went to the pub..not sure what it was but i got gluten belly...boohoo.. noe all I want to do is eat!!!
    Makes me all grumbly..and makes my brain think..."feed me...."

  5. dry looks so organised, maybe I should get baskets to put everyone's laundry in instead of having piles that collapse

  6. With all the wedding festivities, I have been terrible (eating wise) for the last few days. I hope to get back on the wagon tomorrow!

    I love lazy days!

  7. Well done you for enjoying a lie-in for a change!

    Just as well looking at all that HUGE laundry pile that you had to tackle ;-)

    You'll need another holiday to recover! LOL.

    Hope your week will be a good one, hun!


  8. Anonymous4:24 AM

    I love just getting out of bed and climbing right back in - so good for the soul...

  9. At least your laundry is folded...I don't mind the folding, it's the putting it away I don't like.


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