Sunday, September 23, 2007


Went to bed last night totally knackered, didn't realise how absolutely unfit I am now!!! It sucks big time and when I get home I am going back to the gym! Small steps, but positive ones.

I also plan on being excellent with my food while away, all very well to say I know, but I am going to do my bloody best!

All going well we will be stopping in Hamilton for lunch (5 hours away) and hopefully saying "Hi" to Mandy as well there. Then on to Auckland (2 hours further on)... while in Auckland I hope to connect to a "hotspot" to update before we "hit the sticks" of Bethells Beach on the west coast...... it's about 40 minutes from Henderson (in Auckland). So keep your fingers crossed that I can do it, cos by this afternoon I hope to have a few photos of this and that to show ya! Right, time to get everyone sorted and bugger off.....
Well we are safely in Auckland, stopped in Taupo, NO TELECOM HOTSPOTS....stopped in Hamilton, NO TELECOM HOTSPOT.... stopped in Henderson, NO TELECOM HOTSPOT.... can you imagine my temper?????? So, we are at my sister-in-laws shop and I'm using her computer... thank god!!!! I realise now, I am addicted to the internet!!!!!
So, this is it for the day, no photos either.... bummer.
Till tomorrow .... nite nite.


  1. have a fantastic safe trip! miss you already :D

  2. Have a great Holiday!

  3. Enjoy your little Holiday!!

    Look forward to the piccy's!

  4. hope you have a fantastic holiday

  5. Have fun in hillbilly country!! LOL and ummm don't forget to pack your bucket just incase the toilets not working!! LOL

  6. Have a lovely time ;-)

  7. Sorry - but I'm grinning at you looking for hotspots everywhere!! Have fun and enjoy - just remember if no hotspots you can do an extra long post when you get back!

  8. Oh I'm sure we can all imagine your temper....Glad I have an ocean between us! :D

  9. Have a looooovely time you lucky gal! :)

  10. Really, really enjoy your break away! Hopefully then, you'll return with a new sense of vigour and the motivation to get yourself 100% back on track once again!

    We are ALL in this together ;-)

    Have a fab time!


    PS: Looking forward to seeing the photos :-D

  11. Hey Chris, if you head to a Starbucks you will find a hotspot. There is a Starbucks at Westgate at the end of the western motorway.

    enjoy your holiday. :o)

  12. its important u get this hotspot hiccup complication fix STAT fine u having a holiday for a week how are we all gonna survived without daily updates from ChrisH

    have some gr8 family time kiddo


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