Thursday, October 26, 2006

Midday update...

Ok, Stew didn't have his operation, so this afternoon I finished Griffin's bedroom, put on the frieze and hung pictures. Looks really neat if I do say so myself! I also put the second coat on the stairwell, so that's finished as well! Bloody hell I am powering through it all.

Took his nibs to hospital at 7am, sat in waiting room for 2.5 hours, then into next "waiting room" where I got the PLEASURE of shaving his tummy... oh it was sooo tempting to shave more than necessary... hee hee he. Then at 11 they were ready to take him in for the chop, so I said " ta ta" and left. It wasn't till I was driving home that I actually felt a bit nervous for him, gee I must love him eh?!

The good thing about the long wait was that I took me knitting (lovely Granny that I am) and almost finished the back of Joel's jumper. So not exactly wasted time.

Rachel, we have two spare bedrooms, remember the two biggest teenagers share the "rumpus room", being engaged and all! This IS a big house, 6 bedrooms, rumpus etc etc. I couldn't imagine living in a smaller house, I like lots of room. So when I get Stew home from the hospital I can "park" him in our bedroom and bugger off to the other end of the house, and if I'm lucky I won't hear him when he bleats..... lol

Well, might get some washing out before I go back to check on how his operation went... oh yeah, and to visit him!
till later..........

Stew rang me at 11.45, he got as far as the pre-op room, was talking to the anethetist... and the surgeon came out and said "OH SORRY, CAN'T DO YOU TODAY, WE HAVE RUN OUT OF TIME" FUCK!!!!!!!

So now he has to go back next Thursday... here's hoping it's third time lucky? I am spitting tacks, Stew is livid. I could thump someone really.

One good thing, I did the stairwell last night with sandtex, looks so-so, needs another coat. But I am getting it done! more later!
Kind of a "three part" post today eh? hee hee. Finished Griffin's room etc, and now it's dinnertime. Stew is over his hissy fit about today's events, and is now cooking dinner, what a honey. I am a very spoilt girl. Had thought about going to the gym tonight, but really my legs and arms are giving me shit from all the painting, so I don't think I will afterall. Going to have a nice quiet night, might do some more knitting and watch Coronation Street! Yaa....
Nite nite


  1. Hope the op goes well and also hope he is a model patient for you!!

  2. Bloody hell! Will you get to shave his tummy again?

  3. That's so unacceptable of them to do that to Stew!!! ... poor bugger.

    Hope all goes well next week.

    Aren't you good still painting? I absolutely HATE painting!!

    More photo's when your finished please :)

  4. Buggar about the op not going ahead today, hopefully next week they will be running on time!

  5. I can't believe they let that happen. All that build up, the nerves, planning etc and then home again! Not on.

    You won't need work outs with what you are achieveing around the house!!


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