Monday, August 17, 2015


Well... here's to a much better week compared to last week!

Stew has left for Hamilton, due back tonight.

Both kids are off to school today... I shall NOT miss Griffin.  He's been back to 100% himself, has been for the past few days.
Annoying little git ... been sending me around the twist.

My plans for the day are:  bugger all!
I still don't have any energy to speak of, so as the house is really tidy, I shall probably just laze the day away!
Talk about feel useless.  But I'm just not in the mood to do anything yet.

The coughing is really getting me down I must say.  When I eat, I end up having a coughing fit later, and then I lose what I ate.  

And the weirdest and most annoying thing is... I've lost bugger all weight!  How the hell does that happen?   I've literally starved for a week... and only lost maybe 1 kilo!
That sucks.

Right, I'm just having a bitch session here... I better go before I find something else to moan about.  *smiles*


I thought of something to do.
Make a list and go get some groceries.  We have bugger all in the house!  So, off to do the list.

2.03 pm:  groceries done and dusted.  Lunch done and dusted.
Coughing .... started in earnest... waiting to lose lunch now.  It will happen.

It didn't happen!  So relieved.

3.41 pm:  I left a message with the plumbing guy about the faulty under floor heating control on Saturday, and again today, and I also know that the electrician guy left messages with him too.
Can you believe that fucking ARSEHOLE has not got back to either of us?  OMG if I could see him now I'd smack him one... I'm getting that riled up.

He has got to be the most ignorant prick I've ever had the misfortune to 'work' with.  So, my latest message was fairly STRONGLY worded... let's see if he answers it.

Or... tomorrow I am going to go and camp out in his fucking office until I get some satisfaction.  Let's see how he likes that.

What's else?  Well I'm sitting here wondering if I shall close down my blog actually.   I have NOTHING going on worth blogging about most days.  It's boring.  And I don't want to have a blog that is totally boring. So maybe I will take a blog break.

CLEARLY I'm a bit depressed.  Just ignore me.

End of Day:  another full on... do nothing day.
Stew got home from Hamilton still feeling sick as a dog... cold and coughing.
Happy happy, joy joy.
nite nite


  1. Hi chook. You probably need the doc to give you a script for something for that cough. I know Dobby had it so bad she lost a great job because she couldn't turn up for training. Broke a rib even she coughed so much. She had some medicine and an inhaler. Time to take some action kiddo. xxxxx

  2. Anonymous12:27 PM

    Glad to hear ur on the mend, steve is aswell thankfully. Poor wee dante is fast asleep in daddys bed after him being awake for couple hours last night with a temp. Now to try get Archie to sleep so I can have a nap. Xx bex

  3. My goodness woman! I hope you start feeling better soon. This sickness sounds like it's kicking your butt. Hopefully lunch stays down and you are on the mend tomorrow! I love your new figurine. So cute! Keep the baby pictures coming. I miss those! I love that umbrella. I never use them, but have been to concerts were people are bopping up and down with a regular umbrella and I fear I will lose an eye! Such an considerate thing to bring to a crowded place! But not yours! I would gladly stand behind YOUR new umbrella! Get well!

  4. Noooo please don't close down your blog!!! I would have serious withdrawal symptoms... I love hearing whatever you have been doing...something... Nothing...exciting...boring altho I never find it boring... First thing I read every day!!! Please stay xxxx

  5. You are too funny Chris... of course you won't stop blogging :) We are all waiting to see your house sell and what your next move is. For you, like me, blogging is an outlet to express thoughts and opinions - where would we do this if we didn't blog?

  6. Clearly that plumber is a brave brave man - crossing you at the best of times is a dangerous past time but at the moment it is suicidal!!!

  7. Anonymous6:35 PM

    Please stay blogging Chris, your the first thing I read when I get up in the morning! BUT I totally understand if you choose to go on 'holiday"!
    Sharnee, Melbourne

  8. Anonymous7:26 PM

    Close the blog down!. You have been threatening this for years. Just do it. Don't keep saying you are going to do it for sympathy. That's attention seeking.
    Lynne Barrels, Brighton, UK

    1. You nasty cow.

    2. Yet here you are still reading. Everyone has their moments and needs to have some encouragement, not nasty comments. If you cannot say anything nice, or at least constructive - then don't say anything at all.

    3. Probably a nice way to say what I said. Ditto!

    4. This comment has been removed by the author.

    5. christine2:45 PM

      I am wondering why you are taking the time to read a blog that you apparently don't like. And it seems as though you have been reading it for years. That takes a huge time commitment. It takes even MORE time to log in anonymously to leave nasty messages. That seems weird to me.

  9. Get well soon Chris. I love every word you write. You are just the most honest real person I know who blogs. The ups and downs are normal and my day is better for reading your blog.

  10. Awesome that Griffin on the mend there has been a shocking coughing fit virus down our way. Have you paid the plumber guy just don't pay or threaten Fair Go. I am always glad to read your blog daily at my lowest days it made me laugh, cry, and marvel at you craft skills I got to watch gorgeous babies grow, get helpful recipes, and most of all keep in touch....even if from a distance.

  11. Your blog boring? NEVER! I love reading about your day to day life - I love seeing how creative you are - with your lovely crafts, and how you pretty up your lovely home etc. My life is pretty boring in comparison - work, home, sleep, eat, work, home, sleep, eat .... lol .... I think you get the message. :) P.S,. About time you put up another picture of those four legged family members of yours again. It's been a while since we've seen their cute faces :)

  12. Your Blog never boring, I look forward to it everyday no matter what, one of my highlights. Keep it up.

  13. You shall not shut down thee blog. It IS interesting. I am not sure why.Yes, I do. It's because you update everyday. Regardless. And you do SOMETHING everyday. And we like to peep in and say hi. It's fun. Don't stop. You are sick and angry and that is FINE. You are REAL. Keep going. Please. Otherwise I will be in a whole different sort of "diet coke withdrawal"! I would miss it!!!!!!!!!


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