Saturday, August 08, 2015


My sister in law sold her house at Auction yesterday.  We are just so happy for her.  She can now move on with her new life in a new town.

She doesn't leave until the end of September, so we shall try and spend some time with her before she leaves.  She's moving quite a long distance away from us.

As for us, we  are doing jobs around the house this weekend, hopefully by the end of the weekend we will have done the big repair (the window) and can get back on track towards selling this house and moving ourselves.

We have started considering our options.  Like... maybe we rent in Hamilton and build a new home... to our specifications?  It's something we have never done before, and something to think about.  
Getting a section in Hamilton might be the sticking point though.  There are not many available by the look of it.  Most are snapped up by developers as soon as they come on the market.

It is still something to consider when the time comes to actually MOVE.  *smiles*
Being positive ... we will move... eventually.

Right, time to get myself moving ... get the washing on... bla bla bla.


12.24 pm:  Stew has been a busy boy.  Up on the roof, cleaned the chimney and gutterings.  Another job crossed off the small list of 'building issues'.

We are expecting Steve tomorrow to take out the glass and reseal the window in Griffin's room, then THAT big issue will be resolved too.

I can't wait until it's all done and we can start Open Homes again.

We just hung out the washing, praying it doesn't rain.  We just got IN the washing I hung out LAST WEEKEND and put it all in the dryer!  Mostly towels and dishcloths that have been rained on dozens of times this past week.

Annoying weather.

6.00 pm:  looking forward to dinner.  I'm making Stew and I Zucchini and Feta fritters while the kids are having sausages.  Yum yum.  Going to be parked in front of the tv tonight, it's the best way to spend a cold winter evening.

End of Day:  well a nice evening. Stew had fun watching the rugby... even though it looks like the All Blacks are going to lose against Australia.  Bummer.
nite nite


  1. Weather has been not so nice here the last 24 hours too - it even snowed briefly around midnight - but today it is just cold, wet and generally bleak. I don't think we're due to see the sun until mid next week :(

  2. Prawn & pork curry for dinner then I guess I hide out in my room, my house is being invaded by pre loading kids (all over 18 of course).

    1. Pre loading! Lovely visual there mate. I'd hide too.

    2. They are pretty good really. I have stuff to watch so happy to leave them the lounge. Samyson offered for them to hang in his room if I wanted the lounge. They tend to only have a few drinks waiting for one to finish a show then they will head into town, last an hour or so before they get bored and then go to someone else's house for a few more drinks & singing (they are all musical theatre people)


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