Thursday, August 13, 2015


Stew left for Wellington early this morning... he's on a course for two days.
I hope he doesn't give the flu to everyone on the plane!  Though he IS well on the mend.

I'm keeping Griffin home for the entire week... he's still coughing fit to kill... but he IS eating again, which is an excellent sign.  When he couldn't eat I knew that kid was sick!

I am forcing myself to eat something during the day today... even though I have NO appetite at all.  When you are taking painkillers and cough syrup on an empty stomach you end up with stabbing stomach pains.  Trust me... I know!

I was in so much pain last night ... I figured out what the problem was and had two pieces of dry toast... pains went away.  Silly really, I'd only managed to have two bananas and one chocolate in 3 days, so of course I was going to get a sore tummy.  

Today I'm going to quietly potter around the house, getting it ready for viewings tomorrow.  I thought it was only going to be one group through, but no.  It's going to be 3.  So I really need to get it in shape.  As you can imagine, I've done bugger all housework all week... shit needs doing.

TRACY:  don't tell me off!  I will pace myself and rest up in between the jobs.  AND I will get the kids to help me too.

So, it's sorted.  That's me day.  Potter/rest.


12.27 pm:  Uggg.   Griffin and I went out to Panmure for more vacum bags... and that kinda killed the tiny bit of energy I had.
I'm going back to bed.  Hopefully I am up for getting the house ship shape later on tonight, cos I sure ain't right now.

3.31 pm: first day I managed to eat some lunch ALL WEEK! And I just threw it up. Bugger.

So now Steve has come down with the flu too.  And I'm pretty sure Brylee won't be far behind either, she's starting to cough.

GROAN... I can see everyone getting it.

I thought I was starting to feel better by mid-evening, but now (9.30 pm) I feel dizzy and ikkk.  I'm trying to eat to get some energy back, but I'm not being too successful at it yet.

I'm going to bed super early so that hopefully, I have some energy tomorrow... though there isn't too much to do before the viewings at midday.

End of Day:  another utterly boring day on this here blog!  No photos even... for days!  That doesn't happen too often.
nite nite


  1. I hope there is more resting than pottering, but I know you feel you have to have the house perfect. Good luck with the viewings.

  2. Two positives = 1) three groups through might mean a sale soon and 2) you can surely start wearing those boots...

    Sorry you are not well though, it's been a terrible winter for people getting sick. Stu's still coughing and not well after a month of it!

  3. I won't tell you off :-). Just don't overdo it & don't worry about the stuff they won't see :-)

  4. Lol so daf is closest to gordy then me....

    1. Stupid phone... so dad stew is closer to gordy then me. As gordy in nelson.

  5. I think Tracy knows what we all know, that you struggle to rest and relax.
    One bonus is 2 viewings in one day which means one clean and tidy instead of three.


  6. Oh dear, can Brylee pitch in and do as much as she can to get everything tidied & clean? Hopefully she doesn't get sick as well.

  7. Look after yourself Chris

  8. Goodness!! Hope you are all feeling better sooner than later!!!!!!!


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