Tuesday, August 04, 2015


All going well... once the builder has been today we will know what has to be done to rectify the issues found by the builder's report.

I hope it's not too much.

Stew's sister is popping today too.  Her home goes to Auction on Friday, I hope she has more luck than we have had.

I almost wish we had opted for an Auction now, at least it might have been over by now?

One good thing happened... I have not been able to do any more of my patchwork blocks for my blue/green quilt because I ran out of the 'main' fabric.   
I ordered 2 meters of it from The Ribbon Rose MONTHS ago, but they 'forgot' to order it... so I've been waiting for the next shipment to arrive from overseas.
And waiting... and waiting.

So, I got sick of waiting and two weeks ago I ordered some online from EBay, and it arrived yesterday afternoon.   NOW I can do some more sewing, which will keep me occupied.

Though, I think I will bring my sewing machine upstairs and sew up here, it's just too damn cold down in the garage!

I'm looking forward to doing something enjoyable again, instead of cleaning/painting/tidying up constantly!


10.48 am: My sister in law isn't visiting now ... she's too stressed out over her upcoming auction.  I know the feeling sorta.  Instead she is coming for sunday dinner.  Hopefully Steve, Bex and the boys can come too so Khady can meet Archer.

I went down to the mall to get dog food.  I went to Animates and the dogs pellets were $41... until I got to checkout and they said I had three $10 reward vouchers to use!  So, the dog food cost me $11 instead.  SCORE!

Then I went to the supermarket and got a few groceries.... it killed some time.  Still just over an hour till the builder is due here.

12.51 pm: HUGE SIGH OF RELIEF.... it's not a major problem!  We have to fix where a window is leaking and two cracked tiles on the roof.  
This can be fixed within a week if not sooner!

Steve is coming over tonight to start repairing the window and the builder is going to come back and do the tiles on the roof for me.  He knows where they are and we have spare tiles already.  So, so relieved this is fixable and should not impact on our saleability (is there such a word?) *smiles*

Because Steve is coming over tonight, so are Bex and the boys.  I've missed seeing them... even though it's been less than a week since I saw them last.   I'm going to do a lovely spag bog for dinner.

9.39 pm:  well we had a delightful visit from Steve, Bex and the little boys.  Dinner was lovely too.

Feeling much more positive now about the house sale.  It WILL happen.  Eventually.

End of Day:  on a whole, a good day.  First day in a while I've not felt SICK to my stomach with nerves.

nite nite


  1. Yes, the upside to an auction, especially in our current market - it sells on the day! None of this waiting for builder's reports etc but hopefully you'll get everything resolved and sold soon :)

  2. Anonymous11:46 AM

    Stress just sucks. But sometimes there is no way around it. Hope everything begins to go your way! Great score on the dog food!!

  3. At least this is your builder so he can tell you there and then if there is anything so you will know. Can you change your mind and go to auction?

    1. Yes we can, but Stew's not too keen on the idea. We will discuss it with our Real Estate Agents though.

  4. Oh what a relief, I think Auction because on the day as others have said it sells, at least you can sew now, enjoy the boys tonight.

  5. Yay!! I KNEW it would be nothing serious. That is a relief for you I am sure.

  6. I am happy that there is not much to fix. Your house looks immaculate. It has only been for sale for a couple of weeks, so I don't think you need to rush in to any auctions or anything. How are Steve and Bex liking living on their own? It must be a welcome change. But still, it is so different. It must be a huge change for all of you! Tell Bex to start a blog!!!!! But - you must keep blogging. I love that you do it every single day no matter what! Keep it up!

  7. Anonymous11:47 PM

    glad the builders report wasnt such a major and can be fixed in a flash (WINDOW FLASHING AND ROOFING FLASHIGS) AND then your house will be all flash again and ready to wow the net open home buyers

  8. Good to hear that the repairs are minor. All the best, hope a new buyer comes along quickly.

  9. So glad to hear the jobs aren't big ones, what a relief for you!

  10. Yeah for getting everything taken care of!


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