Sunday, August 16, 2015


Today's Open Home is at 11.30 am, so a much earlier start for us.

Luckily it only takes about an hour or so to get ready now days.

It's supposed to be a fine day so that's great.

Something weird.  We thought the underfloor heating wasn't going in the ensuite as the controller was NOT working?  But... we noticed the floor is warm now?  So, obviously the controller is working, just not the control screen.  Which means we have no way of altering whatever it's set on... so it still has to be replaced.
But... the bathroom floors are both nice and warm for the Open Home, so I'm happy!

It will all get sorted out this coming week I'm sure.  I know I lost the plot yesterday, blame it on a long, sick week.

I'd just reached my limit of shit happening.

After the Open Home I think we might just go out for a lovely lunch somewhere, maybe do some shopping.  We have had a rough week, so getting out will be nice.
I know I've been cooped up in the house for long enough.  The flu has gone, we are just left with the lingering cough... which I'm told can hang on for a couple of weeks.

I can deal with that.


3.01 pm:  Well the Open Home went quite well... 6 groups through and one nosey neighbour. *smiles*
Some positive feedback from the agents.  Now we wait and see if anything eventuates.

We went to Botany for lunch... which was rather nice.  We went to The Goode Brothers Gastrobar, we hadn't been there before.  Brylee got a kid sized pizza which was rather big and the rest of us got a chicken burger.   I could only manage to eat some of the meat and salad out of mine and only about 3 chips before I was full.  Kinda a waste of money... opps.

Then we did a spot of shopping.   We found a gorgeous piece of Britto that we had never seen before:

ABOVE: The Lady and The Tramp!  How gorgeous are they?  They just felt like the perfect ones to buy today.  

In the same shop we saw some really neat umbrellas called 'BLUNT'...

ABOVE:  I ordered a blue one for myself.  These umbrellas are awesome, they cannot be blown inside out and they are really, really good quality.  I hope mine doesn't take too long to arrive as all our other umbrellas are in storage in Hamilton.

Desperately missing seeing the boys... so it's lovely that Bex keeps sending me photos, this one is today's:

ABOVE:  Archer getting some solids... not sure what his face is indicating? YUM or not!
I can't wait to see them again.... in a few days hopefully.

Stew and the kids have gone into Greenlane so Stew can pick up the work car for his trip down to Hamilton tomorrow.

It's left overs for dinner, so I don't have to do a thing.  Yaaa.

End of Day:  cough, cough... vomit.  so sick of it!
At least the headache is gone, the temperatures are gone.  Just have to get over the bloody cough now.
Stew is the same, though the lucky bugger has not done any vomiting.
nite nite


  1. All the best today Chris, it will all work out soon.

  2. Anonymous8:50 AM

    Good luck! Also, yes, the cough lingers. I found that a humidifier in the bedroom overnight really made a difference.

  3. I am not surprised you lost it a bit yesterday, house selling is stressful enough without being sick on top of it. Good luck for todays open home.

  4. Those umbrellas are the best sAving my money so I can get one, a guy I work with totally recommends them

  5. Love the Lady and the Tramp, hope there are positive vibes from today. Archer face priceless.


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