Thursday, August 06, 2015


Last night I went to be fuming mad.
I'm still mad as hell.

I can't believe I've raised a person so selfish, manipulative, so goddam AWFUL.  

You know who you are.  You know what you are contemplating doing is WRONG WRONG WRONG.  

There is no excuse for it.

This is worse than ANYTHING you have ever done before... and I KNOW THE WORST you HAVE already done.

Rethink your decision before you fuck up another life.

Big breath.  Today better be A WHOLE SHIT LOAD BETTER than yesterday.

I'm beyond any more bad shit happening.

Seriously, what can I do today now that I'm so riled up and upset?
Shopping just ain't gunna do it.
And I have to stay home in case Steve comes around to do some work around the house for me.

I feel like tearing my hair out.


OK.  I'm sitting in the lounge listening to my favourite music on YouTube.  That's nice and relaxing.  Both dogs curled up on my knees... blissed out.

I really should move and get some washing on... clean something... but maybe not yet.  I'm too comfy.

I've decided that I'm probably being manipulated, blackmailed into doing something I have no intention of doing right now.

I have enough on my plate right now.  Not that someone cares about that.  Just threaten me with an action that you know I will not tolerate in a million years.

But, there is nothing I can do about the situation ... what will be will be, and it's on HER head if anything bad happens. 

Maybe it's time I made a certain phone call myself.  

I have communicated with said 'problem child' and the situation has been resolved amicably.  Nothing bad is going to happen and we are back communicating in a nicer way.  The action that was being threatened has been retracted too.

Sometimes it's better to not do what you have always done, and be more open and honest and say you have a problem, rather than trying emotional blackmail.

And this MOTHER (that be me) has to stop jumping in all guns blazing and take the time to ask/listen a bit more.  I am a REACTIVE sort of person... must try to take more time before reacting.  Derrrr.

*some comments have been deleted so as not to provoke unnecessary nastiness.

Bex knows how to cheer me up:

ABOVE:  Archer ... he's just ADORABLE.  Melts my heart.

ABOVE:  Dante, sound asleep on the floor after happily playing for hours on his new play mat.

5.22 pm :  
Lacy and I had an upset.  It's done and over with.  End of Story.  Some people always think it's about them... when it's not.

I am so happy it's takeaway night tonight.... I'm not in a cooking mood AT ALL.

10.27 pm:  we went to Sylvia Park for dinner tonight, then quickly stopped in at Steve and Bex's to say night night to Dante.  Archer was already asleep.

End of Day:  much better end of day compared to the start I must say.
nite nite


  1. Get on that exercise equipment and walk that anger out. You have given so much support its not funny, so don't let that girl lay a guilt trip on you

  2. Do you have dishes that you don't want to move? Unbox them and throw them at a wall while swearing loudly.

  3. Understand. I think we are going to go to mini-golf. Only thing I can think of to distract and maybe get a laugh. Thinking of you through all this time.

  4. They say it's good to name and shame.

  5. Keep busy and try not to dwell on it. I reckon it is attention seeking idle threats hitting you where it hurts.

  6. Listening to music is good. And breathe. XXX

  7. Here is a link that shows that stuff about Diet Coke was in fact a load of old bollocks - this actually has proper research and everything, not the ramblings of some nutter:

  8. Oh my God those boys are adorable!! I love it when they just crash out & sleep wherever they are, usually in weird positions :-)

  9. So pleased all is settled and settling, Archer is so cute like cute as a button cute. Dante too funny I came I played I slept classic.

  10. Of course you are all guns blazing. Who wouldn't be? Someone should think of others before making idle idiotic threats!

  11. Anonymous11:04 PM


    Archer is so like Dante !!! both so cute..


  12. ADORABLE picture of Archer in the seat!

  13. christine5:07 AM

    Sorry to hear that you had massive family upsets, but I am really happy to hear things have ended amicably!


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