Friday, August 28, 2015


Yesterday I got to 7,210 steps.  I was very pleased with that.

Today my goal is 7,500 steps.  The rate I'm going I should be up to 10,000 steps a day in a week or so. 
That will be excellent eh?  The FitBit has been so good to help motivate me to get off me bum!

Funny how when ya get something like a FitBit,  you start to see and hear adverts all the time for similar devices! Garmin Vivo/Nike Fuelband/Polar Loop/Jawbone Up/iFit Active/Misfit Shine.... I wonder how many more there are?
I take it they all do the same thing?
Either way, I'm thrilled with my FitBit.  *smiles*

Stew goes to Hamilton today, back tonight.
Next week he's there for 3 days.  I wonder how long it will be before they want him down in Hamilton full time?  Sheesh, I hope we sell before then.
Otherwise, he's gunna have to either live down there during the week 'somewhere', or commute up and down every day.

I don't have any plans for the day really.  I could do some dusting/polishing/washing bla bla bla.  *sigh*
Or I could do some sewing after my exercise?  We will see...


1:28 pm:  my day hasn't gone to plan at all.
I got a cracker jack headache around 10 am so have taken some pills and just kept still!
Might be from all the stress of the week?
Dunno.  But it's easing slowly, thank goodness.

If I feel much better soon (fingers crossed), I will get on the treadmill and exercycle for some exercise.

5.05 pm:  well I'm feeling much better, so have been doing some housework.  Nothing riveting that's for sure.  
I'm thankful for a quiet day to be honest.

End of Day:  well a very quiet day.  I  had a really lovely phone call in the afternoon from a dear friend in Aussy,  that was so nice.
nite nite


  1. Hi Chris! Good for you getting 7500 steps! That is AWESOME!

    I have a Fitbit too so you should friend me so we can encourage each other.

    1. NIce idea... and if I felt I could actually do it... I would. But I struggle to even keep up with Facebook communities, so adding another ain't gunna happen. Sorry.

  2. I hope your headache goes away soon.

  3. hope your boob is feeling better ..............& your head. well done on the steps!!!!

  4. It sounds like you were a bit dehydrated - be sure to keep the water up (though I know you hate it). It wouldn't do for you to feel faint or sick when you have so much going on.

  5. I got a fitbit for my birthday yesterday. Wore it today and when I sat down tonight it was at i am about to do some laps around the house to make the 10,000!!! I was super shocked I made it that far after having a typical Friday at my desk at work.
    Really good motivating tool. Think I have added you as a fitbit friend - not sure it worked tho!

  6. Have fun with your fitbit and getting up to 10000. Hope you feel better. Have a wonderful weekend.


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