Saturday, August 15, 2015


Sadly, we have to be up bright and early as I've got an electrician arriving at 8 am to fix the bathroom underfloor heating.
Well not fix... replace the controls actually.  We can't turn the existing one's on as the idiots who put the tiles on the wall put the tiles right up under the heating controls... making it impossible to change the batteries!

So... the electrician will take the old controls off the wall and re-site the new ones.  It will be wonderful to be able to turn on the heating in the bathrooms I can tell you.

Once he's left... chances are we might go back to bed!  But we will see.


The electrician arrived bright and early and installed both the new controllers and left.
LEFT without making sure they both worked I might add.... cos one of them DOES NOT WORK.

I swear to god something or someone is out to break me.   I burst into tears when I realised we were gunna have to pay MORE to get the electrician back to take it out and put another one in.

WHEN we get another one that is... cos of course, we can't get hold of the man who supplied us with the new controllers can we?  He is notorious for poor communication, and I'd NEVER recommend him to anyone.

This whole house selling experience is turning out to be a fucking disaster... just like our last one, and the one before that.  When are we going to get a break?

ABOVE:  Steve looking pretty crook.  But still able to play XBox!  lol

End of Day: Stew's a happy man, the All Blacks beat the Australian Wallabies to retain the Bledisloe Cup.  And they won convincingly too.
Looking forward to getting to bed soon.
nite nite


  1. Oh Chris,

    I am so annoyed on your behalf. You don't need this, and you shouldn't have to pay the electrician to come back again - he should fix what he didn't complete for free, in my humble opinion. It isn't your fault he didn't check it.

    As for everything else, you are having a really bad run when what you need to do is focus on getting well. I know a mother's work is never done but this is ridiculous. I'm so sorry that I can't come and help - all I can offer from Melbourne is bucketloads of sympathy from both David and I.

    Hugs, Penny xo

  2. I can't believe this! Is it his company or can you ring his boss? I'd be livid!

    Can you just not advertise the underfloor heater and let the next guy worry about it?

    1. I don't mean say it works when it doesn't. I mean just not FEATURE the underfloor heater. Sorry you are having such a rough go of it.

  3. Ack. What crap. Hope everything gets better soon x

  4. Hey Diet Coke! I am sorry to hear of the house troubles. Your house is beautiful and will sell. As for the floor heat. You paid for a unit that works and an installation that works. End of story. There is no way they can expect you to pay extra....

  5. You'll get a break when you accept that these things take time and are stressful. You are sick, take time off to get better. Ring the electrician every hour until he answers and gets there and fixes his work.

  6. ?? Do the kids not want to be on the blog any more? What happened to Brylee and Griffin in the sidebar? That makes me sad. But my older kids are the same way now. Shame.

    1. My decision. I would rather have no family (kids and Grandkids) on my sidebar as opposed to just some. That way I can't be accused of favouritism by ANYONE.


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