Monday, August 03, 2015


Stew heads back to Hamilton today, so it's just me and the kids for the next couple of days.

I've not got anything planned ... the housework is totally up to date, and so... it could be a boring kinda day.

I'm thinking of sitting down and planning a work out routine, now that all the exercise equipment is easy to reach in the garage.
Maybe I shall even enjoy getting back into it?
Ya never know eh?

I have to do SOMETHING until this bloody house sells!  Can't just sit and wait for what could be months away.  

I'm going to try and stay positive, and work on myself and my fitness/health.  At least I have control over that.


Tallulah  was a nightmare last night. She kept running  in and out the dog door every few minutes... growling at SOMETHING so in the  end I locked her in her traveling case all night long. That worked! I might be doing that from now on.

Some issues have come to light via the Builder's Report on our home.  I've got a builder coming asap to talk me through them so we can get them fixed.  This could slow our house sale down CONSIDERABLY.  So stressful and not good at all.

Hopefully they are quick fixes and we can get this bloody house sold.  

I'm so depressed right now, I just feel like this could drag on like our Palmerston North house sale did.  That house took months and months to sell.

1.36 pm:  feeling slightly lighter in my mood
Got the builder coming at midday tomorrow... being pro-active really helps me feel like we are sorting it out.

Plan A: Steve is lined up to do necessary repairs if he can, otherwise we have a Plan B too.

I have sorted out Tallulah's bed :

ABOVE:  the dog crate is much roomier for her.  She was an angel in the travelling case last night, once she was in it she shut up and went to sleep.  

I am letting her play in the crate today so it's not a new place for her tonight.  She is a good wee dog really, just hyper vigilant to noise.  
Which isn't a BAD thing if you get a burglar in the dead of the night!  But usually it's just some harmless noise she goes ape shit at.

I thought Stew was staying over in Hamilton tonight, but he's not.  So, yaa, I won't be on my own after all.  

FUCK these fingernails are taking some getting used to!   I keep making typing mistakes cos they are longer than my own... which are always SHORT and manky.
I love having nice nails though, so I'm keeping them.
I'm sure I will get used to them eventually eh?

End of Day:  Well... a quiet afternoon.  Stew got home fairly late, but OK.  Dinner was a lovely chicken stir fry with lemon sauce.
Heading off to bed shortly, Stew's already there as he has to drive back to Hamilton in the morning.  Poor bugger.
nite nite


  1. Sorry to hear that you have some issues to sort out with a builder - I hope they're easy fixes. Maybe you could consider re-joining one of your sewing classes until your house sells - you seemed to enjoy them, and may prove to be a good distraction and time filler while you wait for your house to sell.

  2. Anonymous10:25 AM

    Chris I was disapointed for you all to read the second offer had fallen over Third time lucky we hope. Good on you though taking the time to look after your health wish I was as motivated as you are in that big high five to you girl While the kids r at school your house must be so lovely and peacful and lol be able to stay clean

  3. Don't panic about the builder unit you know what he has to say. I assume you got a report when you bought the house, plus the builder for the first buyers didn't seem to thick there was anything major. Fingers crossed it is just some silly minor tweaks.

  4. Here's hoping three times is the charm. I tried those fake nails for a year, but never could get used to them. They just did not work for my lifestyle of quilting, gardening and sewing. Hope you get settled in Hamilton soon.

  5. I keep my nails quite long and you do get used to them :) then when they are short it feels really really weird! Hope that the building work is super quick to complete!

  6. Good thinking re exercise area just one day at a time eh and then before you know it a weeks worth down, I do hope your building issues get sorted quickly.

  7. Hey Chris. Good luck with the house. It's a very stressful time but the average house sits for sale for 4-6 months over here.

    Just saw your comment on SOL's blog. She is autistic, Chris. Extremely so. She and her brother, and their mother. I admire SOL for taking her on - I couldn't have done it. I'm not the best mother nor the patient person. I'd have gone stark raving mad by now.

    1. Hi Froggy. I did realise she was Autistic after reading SOL's description of her challenges. I am sure you would cope if you had to mate, just as most of us Mum's would. *smiles* I have a dear blogger friend who has several Autistic children and she is amazing how she copes.

  8. Sorry to hear the second offer did not come through. Hopefully you get another buyer soon. Take care.


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