Monday, June 06, 2011


 ABOVE:  Maraetai yesterday at dusk... not a breath of wind... it was idyllic....

ABOVE:  Steve and the kids ran up this flight of stairs... lots of huffing and puffing when they came down again!  I was no way in hell gunna give it a go!

ABOVE:  the tide was out, but it was still stunning.  We love this beach... it's only 25 minutes from home and we should go there more often.

TODAY:  well I hope we get out somewhere!  It's a public holiday here (Queen's Birthday) so Stew is home...

It's our 24th Wedding Anniversary today too... just got reminded by Stew!

WEBBY:  yes we do live in an amazingly beautiful country!  But I think you can find natural beauty anywhere you go, you just have to open your eyes to see it... something as trivial as a leaf on the ground can have beauty, or a spider's web.... talking of which... we have a huge web outside my kitchen window right now which I am dying to photograph, but I need a misty morning to highlight it.  Right now you can hardly see it!

Stew and I have no plans for today... but wait till next year!  We are hoping to renew our wedding vows and have a party!

We ended up going over to the North Shore mall  (Albany) ... had a nice lunch, a browse around the shops... then came back home.  It is anovercast, threatening to rain day... but I got a really neat photo of the city as we travelled over the Harbour Bridge:

ABOVE: dark and gloomy all around except for the heart of the city, which was bathed in sunlight!  And the water was like glass.... smooth as.  No wind today.

End of Day:  spent a nice evening doing puzzles on the computer and watching telly.
nite nite.


  1. Gorgeous pics Chris :) looks like it was a beautiful day there..

    Anne :)

  2. Gorgeous photos! What a difference a day makes though - its like pea soup outside! Bummer...

    Kate (

  3. I love your photos! The beach looks stunning.

    Hope Coco is preggers x

  4. The queen's birthday AND your anniversary....sounds like some celebrating is in order.
    Happy anniversary!

  5. Wishing you a great day for your Wedding Anniversary........god that one of you remembered lol
    Big hugs :)

  6. Happy Anniversary! I hope the day is super special for you both xxx

  7. Anonymous9:48 AM

    Happy Anniversary to you and Stew! Have a wonderful day! Loving your beautiful photography!

  8. awesome pics chris
    enjoy today 24 yrs wow hope coco's pregnant they will be cutie cutie puppies

  9. Oooooh, that beach looks absolutely lovely, Chris. Yes, if I lived only 25 minutes away from such a wonderful place, I'd be there every free moment!

    Happy Anniversary to you and Stew...wishing you many, many more years of wedded bliss!



  10. Happy Anniversary , dear friend . I hope that you two treated yourself well today!

    Your pictures are breath-taking. I think you must live in one of the most beautiful places on our earth!

    Maybe that is where you get your inspiration from. : )

  11. Beautiful pics! And HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!

  12. Happy Anniversary!!!!

    Beautiful pic's!

  13. Happy happy anniversary to you and Stew. And what lovely photos. Have an awesome day :-)

  14. Happy Wedding Anniversary to you and Stew...have a wonderful day x

  15. Don't worry about misty, just get the sun behind it and zoom right in. You can use automatic on your camera setting or you can try to do it yourself with the apeture setting on close up and adjust the shutter speed to suit.

    I LOVE photographing spider webs. Just need that back light or a good flash.

    Love to see the pics! xx

  16. Penny, NZ12:22 PM

    Happy Anniversary Chris and Stew! That is one big accomplishment. Well done!

  17. Happy Anniversary. I love the blue sky from the first pic.

  18. Happy anniversary!!!!!!!
    love the beaches :)
    pool 1 us 0
    pool will go back and one with supported sides will come in its place!

  19. Happy Anniversary Chris and Stew!

  20. Happy Anniversary!! Great photography of beautiful places - you are so lucky.....

  21. Happy Anniversary I love the city shots at times I miss Auckland so much at times. 6 hours at kapa haka today 10 days until competition day.

  22. Happy Anniversary! Love the pics xx

  23. Love that second photo, the one of the jetty!
    Happy anniversary :o)

  24. Love that beach! I would go more often, except it's more than an hour away and it's usually windy.

  25. Happy (belated) Anniversary Chris! It sounds like you had a lovely day. Your pictures are gorgeous!

  26. Gorgeous! I'm glad you had a nice anniversary! We had our 18th on the 6th :)


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