Friday, February 11, 2011


Well..... I went to Weight Watcher's last night and expected a bad result.
And it was ... but not DREADFUL.

I GAINED .300 grams over 2 weeks.  So while it was a gain, it wasn't as bad as I was expecting.

Also, we found out at the meeting that were are getting a new WW Leader, we met her last night.

May I introduce her:

ABOVE:  she's tall, blonde, young, gorgeous, incredibly skinny and I immediately thought "stick insect".
I decided to have a yak with her ... and she's actually rather nice.  But ... I asked her to wear a sack and jandals next week so we wouldn't all feel fat and frumpy!  lol 

She lost 10 kilos to get to her goal, so time will tell if she can emphasise with people who really need to lose heaps.... and in my case... AGAIN.  edit:   she was already in the WW's "healthy weight range" when she joined too.... so now she is right at the bottom of her 'range'.... I asked her what her BMI was, she did not know, my guess is she is underweight.

*sigh*  Today:  doing some sewing. And housework.  Might even do some exercise.


I had a yak with my former Weight Watcher Leader :  "Sandra Oh Humble Leader" this morning... oh it was so so lovely to talk to her!  I miss her and my other girlfriends down in Palmerston North  SOOOO much... *sniff*
She has made me even more determined to win the battle of the fat AGAIN... cos I know I can... I just need some support from my friends eh?
It isn't something some of us can do on our own...

WOMBAT:  I do kinda agree. But I am going to give her a go... ya never know eh?  Some people just have the right attitude to be INSPIRATIONAL... so we will see!

I have been working on a new 'sign off signature' ... will debut it tonight!  lol

OH and another thing... I am asking you all...PLEASE don't give me any more awards or ask me to do a 'tag'... I just don't have the time or inclination.  While awards are lovely, most of them come with 'conditions' that I just find tiresome.  So thanks, but no thanks. 


For some reason I have no energy whatsoever.  I just feel blurg...ish.  I think it's the heat... and not eating enough today.  Dinner is cooking.
Pasta/mince/tomatoe/cabonara sauce.  Should be nice.  Nearly ready.......

End of Day:  a good day... dinner was yum, the guys in the house certainly thought so... they came back for seconds!  lol
DIET:  Great.
nite nite


  1. Anonymous7:15 AM

    300g is just a poo really! Remember that....

    Stick insects are depressing but if you turn it around she might just motivate you even more!

    Go the exercise... good for you!

    Kate (kittie444)

  2. Hi ya... I understand the challenge of having to lose heaps.I have taken up this challenge myself ... last year. The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.... so you keep up the good work. I see on your profile you lost 61kgs... that is an incredible amount of weight!! and you have only put half of back on..not ALL of it...The bulge battle is a very hard one eh?
    Have a great day....

  3. Happy for you that your weight gain was'll get that back off in no time. And every time I see some tall, gorgeous, skinny woman, I just want to knock her down! Especially when she's talking about how "fat" she is. I hope that your new leader will be a good encourager for you all and that you won't feel intimidated by her... you CAN do this, my friend! I'm rooting for ya!



  4. like kate said chris so well done on the small gain and as for the stick insect i hear you lol time will tell
    get moving woman !!! :)

  5. LOL at the stick insect - but can see totally where you are coming from. And 300grams just a huge piddle lol.... have a great weekend :-)

  6. Hmmm! Stick Insect!

    I won't say anymore.

    You did well. 2 weeks off the scale usually means a minimum of 2 kg gain for me.

    I am losing weight again so you have to keep up with me. Orders from ya other old Mum.

    I did as much as I could of those mosaic seahorses and found I didn't have enough tiles. Have emailed the Funky Glass people in Christchurch. Hope they get back today. I can't leave them on the table forever.


  7. Anonymous10:54 AM

    Weight watchers should only allow people who have lost 20 kg or over to be leaders. A piddly 10 kg, whoopie doo! How can she be an inspiration? I hate those pathetic women on Jenny Craig ads who say, "I've lost 5kg in 13 weeks and now I can go to the beach again!" Get a frigging life stick insects! WOMBAT

  8. Ditto on the awards stuff - can't be bothered!!

  9. hun you can win this battle I know when u get your motivation into something you want let go till its fixed
    like a dog with a bone that our tart Chris
    go girl go girl go girl

  10. good luck with the skinny insect. HATE skinny people who think they are fat! Bah.

    but you never know, she just may be the one to help you out. Onya!

  11. I totally understand the tagging thing. I think if someone gives an award they should just give it without condition. :)

  12. Sorry, but I have to say it, I may be alone but stick thin leaders who lost 10kgs wouldn't have a clue what it is to have a weight problem. there is a difference between eating too many desserts for a few months then cutting back and having a serious amount of weight to lose due to health or even personal reasons... just my five cents, it's all it's worth but had to be said!

  13. I am glad that it was only a piddly gain, you have obviously been doing better than you thought.

    Have a lovely weekend, I hope the weather stays nice.

  14. Let's get to goal together!! I weighed in today and am exactly my starting weight. so here I go ......

    I was in Myer buying a handbag and some earrings as a gift and I had 'your' bag with me. The ladies were oohing and ahing all over the place and calling other assistants over to have a look.

    I told them I have a very talented friend in NZ who makes them. :)

  15. Only time will tell if the new leader can handle the pressure, I am glad you only had a little gain.

  16. Anonymous11:51 PM

    You don't need a stick insect to inspire you anyway - you are your own inspiration since you lost 61 kilos before. Remember what inspired you last time. (wish I could practise what I preach!) WOMBAT

  17. Anonymous3:57 AM

    I think you are to be applauded for going back to WW. It's not an easy thing to do. Just cut your portions in half. You'll be hungry for a few days but your body will adjust. I can eat only 1 cup of pasta - am use to the amount now, but it was hard. I know you can DO IT!! Your a strong minded person and YOU CAN DO IT AND WILL DO IT!!!...debbie

  18. I think you're taking it too far. 300 grams is a drink of water, or taking a crap or nothing.
    Your bathroom scale shouldn't even measure that precisely.

  19. Next week will be better. Have a fun weekend. Keep strong you can do it.

  20. Arg, not a stick insect! My mom was an RN and was a NutriSystem consultant in the early 90's. They actually hired her when she was quite a bit overweight and she was working the program with everyone - talk about having to walk the talk!!

    She lost heaps and has kept it off since. Now she looks like the stick insect, but she wasn't always. :)

  21. Come on girl you can do it....we all struggle as I am too but I know it needs to be done...we just have focus less on food and more on whatever else we enjoy doing. Only have good stuff in the house and eat less of it...WW is a good platform as there are many who lose weight but I am with you when it comes to the right have to be able to relate to them and not everybody is right for every person. So maybe there is another WW group you can attend if you think it helps with another leader. I stopped going because I was paying out but not losing. I really liked my leader but I didnt see the point paying out and not seeing results...I am back to counting calories myself...I know what I have to do and just have to do it. Since January I have lost about 4kg. I always lose slowly...I wish it was different but its not unfortunately so I have to be strong and just stick with it.
    Hugs Khris

  22. Yeah kind of hard to get inspired by someone who has never really been overweight. I have a friend at work that likes to point out what I'm eating because her stuff is all organic and blah blah blah.


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