Friday, July 05, 2024



Well, I do not have a walk on today.
But, I am going out.
To meet up with Stew in fact.

We have some family business to attend to, then we are going to lunch to celebrate getting a BIG weight off our minds.

It's taken some years to firm this up, but after today, it will finally be done.

DON'T PUT OFF MAKING A NEW WILL... when circumstances change, so should your will.
It is the kindest thing you can do for those you leave behind.  

Yesterday I got a call from a fabric supplier here.  She had talked me into buying a 'Strip  Ruler', so I ordered one.
It arrived.
It is AMAZING!!!!

She told me it would probably drive me nuts trying to work it out, but I watched a YouTube video on how to use it, and I can honestly say, it's super easy.
I am very much a 'watch it being done' learner, as opposed to reading how to do it.  So the video tutorial worked for me.

ABOVE:  I did a little video to show you it.  Cos, well... that's what I wanted to do.
And I know some of you actually like seeing me, living, breathing, yakking and so on.  😂😅😉
So there ya go.

Once I'm up outta bed, I am going to cut out the final few metres of fabric with me new ruler, then I can finally make a start on some new Braid Runners.
I now have two weeks to get a few of the new ones made before our next market at Tamahere.

1.05 pm:  What an excellent morning.
I got a few things I needed from the mall, filled me car up with petrol, then headed into Stew's work to get the legal shit done.

ABOVE: And it's DONE.  All signed, witnessed and stored at Public Trust.  Now we really can relax.

ABOVE: Last night at the kid's.  Miss Lily having her bath in a tub in the lounge.  She loves her baths, she does usually have it in the bathroom.  But it's cold down there!

ABOVE:  Bloody cold this morning!  I even turned the heat pump on once I was up.

ABOVE:  Frosty, crisp and COLD.

I've been cutting out since I arrived home from town, but I've stopped for a while.
When I start making dumb arse mistakes, I need to step back and take a break.

So, I'm sitting in the family room, listening to some music for a while.  

My cousin Debra is visiting us tomorrow.  I completely forgot it is Friday!  Where the hell did this week go????

An hour later, I start cutting again....

ABOVE:  Grrrrrr!  I did it again.  I now have another pile of perfectly square 2.5" blocks.
Instead of 2.5" X 10" strips.
Even more annoying, I don't have any more of that lovely blue fabric.  Grrrr AGAIN.

I really am going to stop now.

BUT also, I really, really want to get all the strip cutting DONE.  I'm totally OVER it now.  So, I'll take another little break, then try to finish it off.

8.38 pm:  well I didn't get it all done.  I think I have three more fabrics left to cut out.  They WILL get done tomorrow morning.  Then I can put all the cutting stuff back in the sewing room and my family room will go back to 'normal'.

I'm surprised I've not found it unbearable having 'things' out of place!  I usually can't stand it.

We had a lovely dinner of beef meatballs in a home made sweet 'n' sour sauce, on noodles.  It was bloody yum.

Now?  Meh, watching TV till bedtime.


  1. Anonymous6:39 AM

    I’m looking forward to seeing your video as I have one of these strip cutters which I was given as a gift and can’t use it at all! Catriona

  2. Anonymous8:38 AM

    Thanks for the video, very interesting.

  3. Anonymous9:20 AM

    I have one of those rulers in a large size that I still haven’t used. That brand is a bit exy but they are really nice to use

  4. I don't understand how you ever did it without that nifty gadget!

  5. I’m not a patchwork sewer - but that ruler looks so cool and easy!

  6. Anonymous10:38 AM

    That is definitely a useful tool. And what a time saver! Thank you for the compliment on the birds I painted and shared. Ky Girl

  7. And the other bonus cutting at the kitchen bench no sore back!
    -3 frost again.

  8. Anonymous9:35 PM

    Time to cut more squares to make some runners with squares instead

  9. I need to get one of those rulers!

  10. Anonymous10:18 AM

    Hmm let me know where you got it. I've seen them on USA sites nut postage is ridiculous. Kj

    1. Fabric Fixation here in Hamilton. She's primarily an online store.

  11. A good reminder on taking care of affairs in the event. My father showed me how very important good estate planning is. As terrible as his passing was, everything fell into place as instructed & it lessened the stress so much. That Lily is so cute. So tiny she fits in a small tote!


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