Wednesday, July 10, 2024



Our Miss Muppet is 12 tomorrow.

We are holding a small family dinner for her this evening.

So, this morning I am going to the supermarket to get supplies.

I'm doing a lovely big platter for dinner.  We will also have a birthday cake and some ice creams.

Should be a lovely meal. 

I shall probably look around for some sort of gift for her as well... something that can stay at Lacy's home, as she is NOT ALLOWED to take any gifts back to where she lives.  Such a shame for Keera, but things will change one day, of that I am sure.

Once I've done my shopping, I am going to keep working on my runners.

ABOVE:  Number 4 in my current 'run'.  It's not finished yet... I'll get it done by the end of the day.

ABOVE:  This one has a little fish in the centre.  How cute is that?  

I am thinking the next one will have brown tones with the black 'n' white.


Sorry... I should point out its Keeras birthday TOMORROW... we are doing her birthday dinner tonight because Stew has his pub night tomorrow.  Can't have him miss the catch up with his mates!

ABOVE:  Well who knew?  The best time to do the grocery shopping is a Wednesday morning.

Virtually empty aisles.  Loved it.

ABOVE:  our beautiful Waikato River on a winter's day.  So, so pretty.

I'm having a bit of a giggle to myself, thinking of ALL THE SHIT I don't put on here!

OMG if only YOU HATERS knew what went on PEPSI!  It's all recorded for posterity.  And one day some people will get access to PEPSI, and can find out THE TRUTH.

Suck on that.   Actually NO, CHOKE ON IT.

And why bother leaving comments?  YOU KNOW I just hit 'DELETE' ... and it's water off a ducks back.  I DON'T GIVE A RAT'S ARSE what you think.


N O T H I N G.

3.10 pm:  And I've spent a good few hours in the sewing room today.  Working on Braid Runners of course.  One day I envision there only being Braid Runners on our stall!

I also did this:

ABOVE:  I cut and stitched this gorgeous piece of fabric to fit my big platter.  I will have to make a couple more at some other time, for me other platters.

Anyone who says they are 'Just gunna throw together a platter'... is joking!

It takes planning, shopping, organising, arranging and TIME to pull it all together.  Luckily, I'm pretty good at making platters (I think so anyway).

Today Lacy and Keera will get to help me put it all together.  I thought Keera would really enjoy that.

Everything is ready to 'GO'... so I'm now going to relax for a little while. 

Back to normal on here.... looking forward to family arriving for dinner.

To be sure... to be sure:

It is now 8 pm, and dinner is over.
Everyone had a lovely time.

ABOVE: The dinner platter.  We also had a plate full of hot garlic bread.

ABOVE: The birthday cake / sweet platter.

ABOVE:  One big huff, one big puff and out went the candles.

The cake was really lovely.  

EVERYONE went home with containers of left overs.  I didn't want any of it in the house!

Well... there is one chicken left, which we shall have for our dinner tomorrow night.

And I do believe that's it for today.  I think I have a couple more photos for tomorrow.
For now though....