Thursday, July 04, 2024



I had some fun cutting strips last night.

To music.

Which isn't usual, as the volume on the laptop SUCKS, so listening to music isn't an option.

I do have a BOOMBOX, but it refused to connect to my computer.

That is, until Brylee and Dom came over on Tuesday night.  They got it going for me, and I'm now super happy to be able to listen to my music at a decent volume again.

I must remember that Dom is a computer EXPERT.... I never have to worry about computer issues again (hopefully).

While walking with 'P' yesterday, our conversation flowed easily.  He was telling me about how he was offered a coffee from a lady he was doing a job for.  She asked him if he took milk in his coffee?  He said yep.

When given said coffee, he commented how it was the BEST coffee he'd had.

She said, well thanks, glad it came out OK, cos I didn't actually have any milk!

NO MILK?  Perry was confused, as it clearly had milk in it.

NOPE, said the lady, it's got Strawberry Ice Cream in it!

What a brilliant idea!  I'm so tempted to go buy some ice cream to put in me hot chocolate!

This morning's FBG walk is a Social Walk, and it's at Tamahere.  So, much closer for me to travel to.  I can get there in about 12 minutes.

We are meeting at a very popular cafe out there (PUNNET), and doing a 5 km walk around Tamahere, then having morning tea at Punnet.

I'm really looking forward to it.

ABOVE:  Linda, a kiwi chick living in Poros, Greece, sent me a photo of her front door late last night.  She has the Maori word for Hello above her front door.  How cute is that!

I wonder if I will get any more photos? 😊😉

ABOVE:  Good Morning Dawn P, yes I am still adding photos sent to me.  

And now... I'm off to grab a shower, get dressed and head off to my FBG walk.

12 noon and I'm just home from a lovely morning out and about with my FBG friends.

It was a very crisp and frosty morning I must say, but frosty mornings usually mean a glorious day, and today is no exception.

ABOVE:  Frosty, and I've lost a flower off me sneaker.  Boo.

ABOVE:  A magnolia tree with heavy buds.  And a bird's nest.

ABOVE:  A magnolia bud.

ABOVE: The largest tree house I've ever seen.

ABOVE:  Walking past lots of lifestyle blocks in Tamahere, and we passed two frisky Lamas.

The brown one got all excited, and was very frisky.  

ABOVE: And YES, they BOTH spat at us.  We were going to stop and pose for a group photo with them, but they were too spitty for us!

ABOVE:  I can't think why you would want just two Lamas?  Maybe they are pets?   

ABOVE: Living in Tamahere means being directly under the flight path of all planes coming and leaving from Hamilton Airport.  Wonder if it's annoying have planes flying overhead all day?

ABOVE:  Today's walk stats.  A decent distance, in a really lovely setting.

ABOVE:  Two more lovely photos of paintings done by a blog reader, Coral S (aka Ky Girl).  They are lovely Ky Girl!

ABOVE:  Another blog reader's photo!  This one is from Janice P in Alberta, Canada.  It is her Great grandson Walker (20 months old), enjoying his dinner of meatballs, spaghetti and garlic toast.

I will happily publish more reader photos until the end of today, then I will stop.  It's been so much fun getting them all I must say.  I will certainly do it again one day when I've got 'nothing' going on.  😉😊

2.40 pm:  I've just had me lunch.  Air fried salt and pepper squid!  It came out PERFECT in my handy dandy new oven.

GOSH I am so impressed with it. IF we ever move, I will be getting another one exactly the same.

ABOVE: The official walk photo... faces 'altered' to protect their privacy as per FBG rules.  I actually love doing the faces now! 

ABOVE: Another blog reader photo, we have chooks who live in Sydney! Sent by BLONDIE, the chooks belong to her sister.

I bought a new 'tool' for the sewing room this afternoon.
I'm now working on a little video, so I can show it to you tomorrow.  You will only be interested if you are a patchwork sewer though!  Unless you enjoy listening to me waffle on!  

9 pm:  Stew arrived home from work and I took him to the pub.  While he was there, I hung out with Steve, Bex and kids.
After that, Stew and I grabbed a burger from Burger Fuel for our dinner, and brought them home to eat in comfort.

It is going to be another frost tomorrow, it is already freezing outside!  

Time to sign off for the day.


  1. Anonymous7:40 AM

    I sent you one this morning (USA time) of me at my desk at work in Albany, GA USA, lol. I was wondering if you might still be adding them ! With the time difference I don't always see your posts right away, lol. Dawn P. Albany, GA USA

  2. Anonymous8:03 AM

    I think it is great that she substituted strawberry ice cream in his coffee - Kind of funny to not tell him until AFTER he tried it. Sounds intriguing. You could probably try any flavor!

  3. Anonymous8:04 AM

    OH NO OH NO OH NO! What happened? Why am I anonymous? My phone makes me anonymous and now my computer did? This (and the icecream comment) are ME - Dogstars!

  4. Loving all the photos on the blog so cool.
    -3 here this morning!

  5. My son got pooped on today - by a raven. Too bad I didn't get a photo of that shit...

    1. Such a shame! I would love to have seen that.

  6. Kia ora. Thanks for showing my front door 😄


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