Monday, March 14, 2011


In no particular order... photos from our trip yesterday:

ABOVE: Leigh down by the wharf

ABOVE:  the entrance 'garden' to Goat Island Marine Reserve

ABOVE: Goat Island... it was so very pretty... and the fish!  I could swim and see fish all around me!  I have to go back there!  To the left is the Glass Bottomed Boat.  I can't believe I took this's really good!

ABOVE:  We were driving over to look at Pakiri Beach, but the road was kinda MUNTED... and before we got there the tarseal ended and the road became a very twisty, one way metal road with passing bays... I looked at Stew and said "NO BLOODY WAY DO I WANT TO GO ANY FURTHER!"... So we turned around and went back to Matheson Beach...

ABOVE:  Matheson Bay, one of my most favourite Beaches anywhere.  Don't ya just love the wee bub in the corner?  *smiles*

ABOVE:  Steve diving in and heading out to the diving platform...

ABOVE: peace, but not for long cos we all swum out there...

ABOVE: I can get some amazing photos by using 'burst' on my new camera.  It can take multiple shots in one second.... I like this one!

ABOVE:  Brylee and Griffin jumping in... the water was VERY DEEP.... and they still jumped in!

ABOVE: having fun in the water...

ABOVE:  I couldn't decide which was the better shot... so I put up both.  I really, really love catching water in motion.

So there you have a few of my favourite photos from yesterday.  I hope you like them.

TODAY:  Stew back to work, kids back to school... me?  Housework... and there's lots of it... but at least I have Steve to help me eh?


It is a really hot day today... what a shame we can't just jump in the car and go to Goat Island again!  It would be a perfect day for watching the fish.... drat.

Got masses of washing out today... it is drying in just a couple of hours it's that hot.  Steve got sunburnt yesterday... said he was too hot to sleep...WELCOME TO MY WORLD!  lol

Good news from Amanda:  Emily has been slow to gain weight in the first 2 weeks of her life.. but today she got weighed again and is finally getting good gains!  Amanda is so relieved... so am I.  Yaaaaa.... no worries there now.

End of Day:  first time ever I spent the evening 'blog hopping'... above our blogs is a bar that says 'next blog' so I just kept clicking on it and was taken to random blogs... it was fun!  Some were easy to skim over and move on from.. some were rather interesting.  I might do that again one day. 
Dinner was lamb chops done on the BBQ... OMG they were so nice!  Veges on the side and some pasta. 
DIET: not bad.
nite nite.


  1. Awesome photos thats where Chris goes snorkeling heaps with his dad, when they are up there :-)

  2. Great shots! Love the one of the kids jumping off the platform...

  3. Great photos! It looks like you all had a fun time. :)

  4. Great shots Chirs!! You are having fun with the camera! Have you thought about putting some of your favourites on canvas, I have and it's an amazing memory.

  5. What great photos :-)

    I love Goat Island, I went last year as parent helper for my sons school, I even put on a wet suit & got in the water with them, we went snorkelling and got to see heaps of fish even a stingray.

  6. love them all i would love to be there with you guys! :) such a beautiful place you live!

  7. What kind of camera did you get? FABULOUS pics they are just awesome! colors and action! I love water splash pics too and it is just drop dead gorgeous out there!!! I think i'd want to go every weekend. Wowzas. What a great day.

  8. Aren't you a happy camper now you have Steve at home!! Good on you.

  9. love the pics, esp the ones of your baby girl!!! oh she is precious.

    glad you've got the scones sorted! mmmm they look good. as if i'm not hungry enough lol

  10. Anonymous4:29 PM

    Goat Island is GORGEOUS. My partenr worked there last year as a dive instructor, and my whole family went there this year for a holiday. If you go again I would TOTALLY recommend going diving, or even just snorkelling off a boat. Further out to sea there are some amazing reefs, and Goat Island has some wicked underwater caves.

    Failing that, there are some cute crafty handmade kinds of shops, I'm surprised you didn't find them...You seem to find all the cute things!

    Emily is gorgeous too, by the way, you must be so chuffed!

  11. Beautiful! No life jackets though? Is there much of a current out there?

  12. Wowee! I love your beautiful pictures! I absolutely love taking pictures on a beach or by water. So peaceful.

  13. Anonymous10:28 PM

    Wouldn't you love a house on Goat Island? God how ironic. You gotta gain weight when you're a baby then try and lose it again when you're an adult! Isn't the new camera waterproof? I was expecting some fishy underwater shots! WOMBAT

  14. What wonderful shots and what a beautiful scene up there, no wonder ya'll was pooped out.

  15. Great photos!
    Now you need an underwater camera!

  16. Anonymous2:02 AM

    Sorry, I just couldn't help leaving this comment. "so sorry to hear that your washing is DEAD". Krissy (Singapore)

  17. Wonderful photos of a fun filled weekend. Baby looks so sweet. I can see you are enjoying your camera. It think I gained ten pounds reading about your scones. MMMMMMM goood. I agree it is so terrible about Japan, whats next?

  18. Anonymous4:50 AM

    Great photos and yes, Goat Island is just beautiful! Your photos are really nice!! ...debbie

  19. I loved all of the pictures from your trip. Goat Island is gorgeous!

  20. It's so pretty down there. Makes me want to move there.


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