Wednesday, March 16, 2011


I started working on a round 'thingee' yesterday... I didn't have anything in mind for it when I started, except maybe sewing it onto a plain bag.

Well... it 'evolved' over the hours into something I'm really happy with... but not what I intended!

Now it's going to be given to a good friend of our's on Saturday night for her 40th Birthday present... I will give you a sneak peek:

ABOVE:  any ideas what it is now?  lol

TODAY:  off to Hospice Shop... hope to drag Steve along too, give him something to do!


Hi... back from the Hospice shop... got a few treasures... will show you after I've finished watching a movie with Steve!

ABOVE:  so here it is ... a 'picture' for the wall.  Do we like it????  I just have to stitch the blue braid around the circle and then sew it to the canvas. 

ABOVE:  I bought these three lovely tops too...

ABOVE:  I love the detail on this one... trying to decide if I will give it to one of the girls  or use the lovely lace for another pretty round 'thingee' .... shit I must find a better name for them besides thingee's... any ideas?

I got one more thing at the Hospice Shop, but will show you that tomorrow!  I LOVE IT!  I was going to give it to someone as a Christmas present... but I just can't!  I want it!  I am always finding treasures and giving them away... but not this one, it's my turn to have a treasure.

End of Day:  totally suckful, hot, sticky, humid day really!  Constantly having hot flushes... driving me batty.  Apart from that... all good!
DIET: not good
nite nite.


  1. I really love that thingee just the wee snippet is bright colourful and pretty. You are a craft Queen that's what you are.

  2. Chris, I love it! It is so colorful, and enjoyable to just look at all shapes and colors! Well done! Your friend is going to love it!

  3. I feel a bit strange saying this ... but you know what I mean LOL!! That's a lovely thingy Chris ... what I can see of it ;o).
    Joy :o)

  4. I love all of the colors and buttons, etc., and the randomness of it all.

  5. Decorative Pot mit...

  6. Oh, that looks pretty. Can't wait to see the finished product :-)

  7. I love the fabric flowers and all the buttons :o) will be fun to see what it is that you created! What a great gift for your friend, especially when she knows it was handcrafted by you.

    Blessings & Aloha!
    (Thanks for commenting on my post :o) Yes, I think it is so amazing that someone invented the threader thingy for sewing machines!)

  8. O yes, I love it too. It will be such a surprise. : )

  9. Hmmm that thingee does nothing for me sorry ....

  10. wow that looks great!!! as for your treasure, yes, keep it for yourself!!!

  11. Hi darlin,

    Hope all is well with you. Wow what a HUGE move for Steve to move up from Palmy, hope he is enjoying the move.

    In regards to 'the wedding' I really must do an update, but at this stage I am not getting married and am very happy with that decision. As much as I thought it was what I wanted, I realised that I have changed during the seperation made new friends etc, and just don't know if I want to 'go back' so to speak. So we are friends for now and I think that works best. (certainly what I'm happier with).

  12. Anonymous9:59 PM

    Call the thingy a bitzer. Like the dog. Bitzer this and bitzer that! That is a form of crazy quilting isn't it? Have you ever seen ? The lady does some beautiful crazy quilting. I am going to have a crack at it on a plain purple cushion cover I have, when I gather enough treasures to sew on it! WOMBAT

  13. i had to giggle about you being happy about your thingie. everyone should be happy with their thingie lol hope you have a great day

  14. Lovely thingee. Hope the flushes subside and you are feeling more comfy soon. Can't wait to see what other treasures you have found.

  15. It's interesting, the thingie :)

    Cute stuff from the hospice shop

  16. Don't they have hormone patches in your country? I keep telling you they work. I cannot stand to have hot flushes as you call them; dad gum power surges is what I call them. I break into a whole body sweat. My little patch on me belly fixes it purrfectly.

    I love the "thingee" and that name works for me. You are such an artist. Accolades applause and a nice sweaty hug!!!!


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